Day 2

Being outside on Day 2 got thwarted by an overnight snow squall, so I did 15 hard-core minutes on my Air Climber (read all about it here) and went about my day.

The Air Climber, something I don't use nearly enough anymore ...

I’ve had the AC for two years, and I bought it right around resolution time. I find that when I really stick to using it, it’s a great weight-loss tool as well as a good way to do cardio.

While I felt really good about myself on Day 1, Day 2 felt sluggish and uninspired. I really should have made myself do more than 15 minutes, especially since my walking route takes longer than that, but I tapped out nonetheless.

I felt a little discouraged, especially since I really want to lose this weight, but I made sure I ate OK that day and vowed to come back strong on Day 3 …


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