This blog should be called ‘Sit, Nikki, Sit.’

I should really change the name of this blog to Sit, Nikki, Sit, dontcha think?

But despite being discouraged – and feeling pretty down about myself lately – I got back on the Air Climber this morning for the first time in probably two weeks.

I had to, especially after I stepped on the scale for the first time in as long, too.

Sure, I have a thousand excuses, and they are very convincing when I’m still laying in bed after choosing snooze over sneakers, but in reality, they all seem pretty flimsy.

No, they all are pretty flimsy excuses. Stupid even.

Like most women, I think about my body a lot, mostly in dislike, which I know is just as unhealthy as my eating habits. A lot of times, I sit there and lament, getting inspired to exercise at the oddest hours, like bedtime or when I’m at work and it’s not an option.

Yet as unhappy as I may be with myself, I plum haven’t done anything about it. And that’s what makes it even worse.

Hopefully today’s good stint on the AC will get me back on track. I’m going to try as hard as I can to not get waysided with snacky goodness watching my Steelers (hopefully) bring home ring No. 7 tonight during the Super Bowl – but if I am weak as I’ve been known to be, I guess I’ll just have to pick myself back up again and keep trying until something clicks for me – hopefully once and for all.


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