Ciao, first five!

Well, today marks a week since I started keeping the Food Diary, and I’m down five pounds!

It really was an easy transition, especially since I got a lovely little black moleskin-like journal that fits perfectly in my purse so it’s always at the ready to record.

One of the things that definitely helped me was being mindful of my feelings, whether they were hungry, tired, stressed, etc. Because I took that extra moment to consider whether I was really craving that greasy option at Friendly’s or I just let too much time pass between my meals, I made the right choices by going with one of their new diet-friendly (and really tasty, actually) options. Find out more here.
They even have a low-cal sundae, too, because everyone knows you really go to Friendly’s for the ice cream!

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the past week – I didn’t get a chance to exercise as much as I would like, but I think I’m off to a great start – that might finally be the start of something that sticks.


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