Well look at me go!

I am happy to report that I, Nikki M. Mascali, did not one but 10 planks last night at boot camp.

Yes, I said 10.

I’m flabbergasted because at Monday’s class, doing even half of one seemed unattainable.  When I got my body into the position, I could not stop saying, “Ohmigod” to myself, and that pushed me to not lay down to rest. It made me want to hold it all that much longer, despite shaking like a Polaroid picture almost the entire time. 

Now, that great feeling of accomplishment went right out the window when I felt like dying after having to run up and down the dike in a local park for 10 straight minutes, I made it to the top seven times and to the midpoint twice, and it was brutal, especially for someone as out of shape as yours truly.

But I did 10 planks! And didn’t give up on running that steep bitch of a hill even though I felt like my lungs were going to burst and my legs were turning into jelly! And I was even able to muster enough strength to keep up with the three rounds of walking lunges!

And I think that, my friends, is well worth me giving myself a round of applause!


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