Accomplishing April

While I got a bit derailed at the end of the month due to a family death and a very bad chest cold, I’m declaring the month of April a success.

How so?

Because of April’s 30 days, I was active for an impressive (for me) 17.
Though it’s only half plus two, it still constitutes “more than half,” right? (Here’s hoping).

A (blurry) photo of the month of April from my exercise log book.

Especially when we take into effect that March clocked in with just five of 31 – and three of them weren’t workouts, they were moving, which was technically a gruelling workout in and of itself, but you catch my drift. 

While my exercise days in April ranged from just doing the quick, travel-version of Windsor Pilates to the several bust-my-ass boot camp days, the point is, I did something. For 17 days. And aside from the last week of the month where I didn’t do anything but blow my noise and cough, which should really be an exercise for how it hurt my back after a few days, there were only a few days time in between my workouts, instead of the lapses I’ve been known to have.

And over our Easter mini-break, I made sure to take some vigorous walks through the monstrous hills of the Long Island community we spent the weekend – and made sure to notate my foods in my food diary app.

If that isn’t success, I don’t know what is.
But wait until May, self. We’ve got to outdo ourself.