Meet my little fitness friend

Sometimes, it’s not enough that I truly love boot camp.
Especially considering that I love food even more than the class, so that sometimes – more often than not, really – cancels out the good I do with my fellow campers.

And – watch out for falling excuses – with summer being my busiest season at work, it’s been hard to make the three-times-a-week vow I made to myself all those weeks ago.  

But still I trudge, still I attend, still I make sure that I do my Air Climber as many mornings as I possibly can and go to boot camp when my schedule allows, which will hopefully be more often as concert season winds down.

So to help me keep myself in check, I enlisted in some help from a handy-dandy little app on my iPhone: My Fitness Pal.

Basically, MFP is a social-media site for dieters. I use it as a food diary, which tracks how many calories I eat, something that I’ve really never done and also to keep a record of my workouts to tally the calories I burn, etc.
I’m amazed at how many foods MFP has in its arsenal, I’ve yet to find something that didn’t register.  

As someone who’s always kept a journal and takes very easily to keeping a food diary, keeping MFP updated has become second nature. I love that it puts out status updates like
“nikkimm33 completed her food and exercise diary for 07/06/2011 and was under her calorie goal” or “nikkimm33 burned 1236 calories doing 80 minutes of cardio exercises.”

But I definitely didn’t like the one I got Monday:
“nikkimm33 has not logged in for 3 days.”

For a few months, I just saw my own updates, but some of my coworkers have recently joined MFP, so it’s nice to see updates from their fitness endeavors, and honestly, be challenged by them as well to keep doing my thing.

Do you use My Fitness Pal? I’m nikkimm33, as you might have gathered by now.  
Let’s be friends, and inspire each other to get to our fit, happy places!


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