Calendar girl

Today, I took a look at my exercise log book, one of the datebooks I pilfer from my local Hallmark shop this time every year.

I was shocked to see that of the past 20 days since I’ve been “back in the saddle” of exercising for the umpteenth time, I’ve exercised 17 of those days.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked, I guess. I was the one getting up at 6:10 a.m. every weekday morning to exercise. I was the one being really diligent about watching what I ate (save some weekend slip-ups that I really must get better at).

They say that it takes two weeks to create a habit, or something like that.
Whoever “they” are, I know not, but I presume “they” are the kind of people who never succumb to a grocery-store Tandy Cake knockoff or two pineapple upside down cake martinis or eating a lot of carbs. “They” are also probably the kind of people who aren’t sweating profusely after just 20 minutes of stepping and have washboard abs I can only dream about, but I digress.

I say I’m well on my way to breaking out of my bad habits and starting some really good ones … finally. Can’t wait to watch November’s calendar fill up with some of them.


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