Run, Nikki, Run’s resolutions

Well, it’s just about been a year since I started Run, Nikki, Run.
Read my first post here, if you wish.

If you read it, you’ll read how far I’ve not come.
But when you fall (even if repeatedly), you must pick yourself up and try again.
And again.
And again.
And even yet again.

So here I am making my annual resolutions list for Lord knows how many years in a row.
Fingers crossed I stick with them, as I truly, desperately intend to.

Continue exercising, doing at least something daily, be it a 15-minute walk, hopping on the Air Climber, yoga or even going for a quick jaunt around my office on my long day … just move. More.

With the Captain's company on my morning constitutionals, I'll be in superhero shape in no time!

– Eat at least once piece of fresh fruit a day.

– Eat more vegetables.

– Try to go vegetarian as often as I can.
I’m a terribly nervous cook, especially when chicken is involved, and I really despise touching raw meats. I do already love a lot of vegetarian fare (and make a killer tofu stir fry), so with the help of a veg/near-vegan coworker, I’m going to try to be veg more often, at least four days a week.
Naturally, I’ll be blogging my exploits/successes with this one, but know in advance that there is nothing I love more than a big, juicy medium-rare steak or burger. My dad is a hunter; meat-eating is in my blood. This I think will be tougher than even the exercise ones.

–  Go back to Planet Fitness.
Which I still pay for. At least I’ve just pissed away $10 a month, but since I haven’t been there since like August (?), that’s an estimated $40. A tank of gas. A fridge bin full of leafy greens. All of these make my inner miser unhappy. So I vow to try to hit the gym after work at least two days a week after the New Year. It’s so stupidly close to work that I have no excuse. So I won’t even try to explain what the hell happened.

– Cook more, and at least one recipe from each issue of Bon Appetit.
Hopefully, future ones will go much smoother than my first BA recipe

– Blog more.

Fin … I don’t know about you, but these sound pretty darn doable.
What do you plan to resolve in 2012?


(photo taken with Instagram on my iPhone)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I was so in love with my tree this year, all two feet of it!

 Merry Christmas!

After a crazy past few weeks, I’m finally in the seasonal spirit!

Thanks for reading this (often sporadic) little blog – I hope you and yours have a wonderful rest of your Christmas weekend!


(photo taken using Instagram on my iPhone)

Tomorrow is another day

I had the best intentions this morning to get out of bed and get back on the Air Climber.
I even went so far as to set my trusty alarm clock to 6:10 a.m.

And then proceeded to hit snooze three times – which in my world is another half an hour of sleep.

My only defense is that I was in the middle of a lovely little dream that I was in “The Devil Wears Prada.”
The movie, not the band.
And, as luck would have it, I was able to fall right back into the dream each time I hit snooze.

I know I’m weak, especially considering that my cough seems to finally have left my person (knock wood).

Like Miss O’Hara said, “Tomorrow is another day.”

At least I was mindful of what I ate, so hopefully I get a point or two for that …
She wrote, with a fudgesicle sticking out of her mouth.
Oh, well. Tomorrow’s another day …


Light as a sweater

Not fitting into these could have potentially ruined my winter.

When I find a wardrobe piece that works, I buy it in as many colors as I can (or that the old plastic allows). And I’m a dresser of habit: Skirts and flip-flops in the summer, turtleneck sweaters, tights and boots in the winter and hoodies whenever.

Now that the temperatures here in the great northeast are actually dropping after a peculiarly warm past few months, I’ve been avoiding a certain section of my closet out of sheer fear.

The section where my favorite turtleneck sweaters reside.
Slightly form-fitting, these sweaters – in cobalt, tan, red, pink, white, gray and my trusty black – have been staples for a few years now, thin enough to wear in our sweat-box office, warm enough to wear to a hockey game with a vest and able to be dressed up or down.

I’ve been afraid to wear them, out of fear they wouldn’t fit. Out of fear that they wouldn’t fit and a good chunk of my wardrobe – once again – would be rendered useless.

But after having done so well lately, and despite not exercising since Thanksgiving break thanks to a debilitating cold and the pinched nerve that ensued from coughing thanks to said cold, I’ve really been mindful (mostly) of what I ate, to make up for the fact that I couldn’t move for so long.

Sunday, as the fella and I headed out to do something shopping, I looked up at my stack of favorite sweaters and thought, “Why the hell not?” “What’s the worst that could happen?”

That I’d trying something on and have it not fit?
Been there, done that. Wash, rinse, repeat about a million times.

I grabbed the tan sweater, pulled it over my head and marched to my full-length mirror and shockingly, didn’t hate what I saw.

Wardrobe catastrophe (and potential crying fit) avoided.
Happy Nikki abounded!
And is ready to start exercising again now that she’s feeling better.

Bring it, Old Man Winter!