I did a bad, bad thing

I haven’t exercised since Saturday.

And I’ve eaten terribly this past week. In fact, it was emotional eating of biblical proportions, and I feel so damn guilty about it, which I guess is a good thing, right?

It shows in my face, it certainly shows in my body, and it doubly certainly shows at night, as I haven’t been able to sleep because I feel so uncomfortable.  

But then I became inspired by Sondra, a blogger I follow here on WordPress. I’ve been inspired by her many times since I started following her a few months back, but this particular post made me adore – and support – the journey of this post-weight-loss surgery blogger all the more.

And I was so moved by this post of hers that I commented, something I’ve done on her blog before.  Her response to me was so selfless and again, inspiring, that I found tears running down my cheeks because I found comfort in her words – and the fact that I know I’m not the only one who has a love/hate relationship with food.  
Now I just need to find the perfect balance of being the foodie I am in the healthy body I need before it’s too late.

If you struggle with your weight (as I do and have for years), if you are dependant on food (as I am, being one of those who “live to eat, not eat to live”), if you want to be inspired to help (as I am after reading this), or if you just want to meet a great blogger, I encourage you to check See Sondra Slim out – but start with the above post, because as Sondra wrote:

“The fight against hunger is just as important as the fight against obesity.
As a matter of fact, sometimes, they go hand in hand.”


One thought on “I did a bad, bad thing

  1. Nikki,

    You honestly and truly have no idea how touched I am by the fact that you re-posted this. I am so honored that my story/experience have inspired you. It’s things like this that make what I do WORTH it, and I cannot truly articulate to you how appreciative I am for your support. I know that you will beat this battle with the ever-powerful food. And I can’t wait to read all about it!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


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