Day seven vegetarian, or Best. Dinner. Ever.

Well, I behaved as much as I could this weekend, but did partake of a glorious chicken sandwich at one of our regular haunts Friday and a turkey burger on Saturday, but aside from those, I was a very, very good girl diet wise.
Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps!

And on Sunday I got right back on the vegetarian kick, making a delightful recipe from my Rival Crock-Pot cookbook (sweet potato black bean stew), but tonight, oh, tonight, was seriously the best vegetarian dinner ever.
Or at least the best one I’ve had so far.

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Baked Parmesan Tomatoes, which I found on Eating Well‘s website via a new blog I’m following, Here’s Looking at Me Kid.

I have never tasted tomatoes so damn good as I did tonight, and I’ve had tomatoes that I’ve plucked from right from the vine with my own bare hands in the height of tomato season.

Topped with shredded parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, oregano (I did not use fresh as the recipe called for) and a drizzle of EVOO on top, the tomatoes were roasted at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.
It seems every recipe I’m making/craving/seeing these days is roasted in a high-temp oven!

Seemingly within seconds, the kitchen smelled delicious, like I had a freshly made pizza baking, thanks to the oregano. I could even hear the cheese sizzling (the burnt shreds that fell on the cookie sheet were a tasty topper to the tomato, by the way)!

Upon first bite, the flavor of the tomato mixed with the browned and burnt-in-some-spots topping was incredible; it almost seemed as if the tomato was just exploding in flavor.

After looking at the picture again on Eating Well, I know I didn’t put enough cheese on my tomatoes, but there’s always next time … which will be sooner than later. Like later this week.



2 thoughts on “Day seven vegetarian, or Best. Dinner. Ever.

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