So not down with the sickness.

It started while I was watching the Super Bowl.

Not even The Captain could fight this cold out of me.

Scratchy throat.
Runny nose.

Four days later, I feel run down, my nose looks like it has a rash from blowing so much and the thought of exercising is even more exhausting than the actual act of working my demanding job through this whole shebang.

I don’t know what it is, but every single time I finally get on track, an illness comes along and throws a wrench onto the rails.

I managed to do 15 minutes on the Air Climber Monday, but it didn’t pan out good, my chest wheezed and hurt, I felt wobbly and afterward, instead of feeling invigorated as I always do, I just wanted to crawl back in bed.

I’ve been wary to do anything because my chest hurt so bad, and of course now I’m riddled with guilt because I feel like a failure for letting a stupid cold get the best of me.

Need support and suggestions please … and maybe a new box of tissues while we’re at it.  


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