Resolution check: March

OK, so there were some times this month that exercise was sporadic, thanks to an annoying “allergic/not allergic” reaction (gotta love local doctors!), but I logged 18 of March’s 31 days in my handy-dandy Exercise Log Book, one more day than February.

Plus, this morning’s yoga session was my seventh day in a row of exercising (and five of those days, I did a morning and a night stint!) – plus I’m off to New York today for a concert, so they will be lots of dancing and walking.

On Monday, I’m announcing something I’m doing to kick everything up a notch, but that’s all I’ll say for now.

Happy weekend!


Day 4 vegetarian (again)

Yesterday was the fourth day of another meat-free kick, and after a tremendous second stint on my Air Climber after work, during which I threw in about 15 minutes of air boxing – which absolutely (and surprisingly) killed my arms in a damn good way – I made myself a little dinner:

– Baby spinach and arugula topped with my homemade hummus and some ranch dressing
– Rye bread with Laughing Cow Light Swiss and stoneground mustard
– Soy Boy smoked tofu



Turkey for you, Tofurkey for me

The Vixen in the Kitchen is still thinking about last night’s dinner.

Granted, the main course consisted of Tofurkey pepperoni pizza, which I just had to bake in the oven, but there was so much more to it than that.

While the oven was heating up, I tried my hand at making homemade hummus, having finally bought that jar of tahini I’ve been thinking about getting for the past few months.

After conferring with my certifiable-genius-in-the-kitchen brother (a trait that is clearly not hereditary), I popped open two cans of chick peas, drained and rinsed them, put in a few teaspoons of tahini, some lemon juice and a dash of minced garlic and threw everything in the blender.

Naturally, since most kitchen appliances hate me, this didn’t last long; the chick peas didn’t mash and the motor maybe sort of kind of started smelling like it might soon start to smoke. On to Plan B, where I threw everything in a bowl and turned to my blending stick, which didn’t really do a whole lot either.
Meanwhile, in the tippy top of the one cupboard is a very intimidating device called a food processor, which earlier in the day, I referred to as a “word processor.” What can I say, I’ve got Ink for Blood … ooooh, well-played shameless plug! 🙂

But it did slightly mash most of the chick peas, and by the time that happened, I’d already lost interest in following through anymore and really didn’t want to dirty yet another device – plus it was getting really hot in the kitchen, meaning, it was time to pop the pizza in the oven.

I decided to chalk the hummus up to a learning experience, and honestly, it wasn’t half bad, it just wasn’t as creamy as it could/should be.

Once the pizza was done, I put it on a plate with a side of baby spinach and arugula (my new favorite salad blend), topped that with hummus and some ranch dressing and voila: Dinner!
I really love the times I treat myself to a Tofurkey pepperoni pizza. Its taste and perfectly square bits of pepperoni reminds me of when I used to eat Totino’s pizza every Saturday morning as a kid when I’d roll out of bed in time to catch “Looney Tunes.”

Do you have any tips for making hummus? I also want to try making the black-bean variety, so any tips would be appreciated!


Back to veg

Well, today I went back to being mostly vegetarian, and it sure tasted goooooood.

I’ve been mad-craving asparagus lately and made sure to buy some when I made a quick jaunt to the neighborhood grocery over the weekend, so today after a mammoth (and expensive!) stocking-up trip to Wegmans, I set the oven to 400 degrees and prepped the two lovely and large bunches by drizzling them in (slightly too much) olive oil, a dash of salt and a heavy hand of lemon pepper seasoning, which I’m always partial to.

It tasted like spring!

I drained some garlic pepper tofu that may or may not have expired on St. Patrick’s Day (I’ll never tell!), popped it on a cookie sheet and threw it in the oven when the two pans of asparagus went in.

Twenty-five minutes later, dinner (along with the brown rice I made while dinner was heating up) was served and so very good.
The best part was the burnt and crunchy tips of the stalks, mmm.

Brown rice is another thing I’ve been obsessed with the past week or so, and I’ve been making extra to have on the days I eat eggs for breakfast.
Runny eggs over brown rice with a dash of salt ‘n’ pepper and a spritz or two of spray butter is a fabulous way to start the day.

And a plate full of roasted asparagus is a great way to end it!


Making lemonade (not really)

When life hands me lemons, I usually take the lemon, swallow it whole, and then douse it in chocolate.

Translation: I’m a highly diabolical stress eater.
Don’t know why I can’t be a highly diabolical exerciser or a highly diabolical muncher of celery instead, but I yam what I yam … unfortunately.

March wasn’t a great month for me or Run, Nikki, Run. There was a whole lot of stress, a whole lot of stress eating, a weird allergic reaction that sidelined me for a whole week, some more stress, some more stress eating and a visit from my beloved older brother who hasn’t been home since last April.
Needless to say, some good, old-fashioned family dinners were had … and by that, you know I mean gorging.

Sometimes I wonder if I should just give up to the fact that I’ll never be back to what I was. That I’m too much of a food lover to balance it out with exercising. That I’m a lost, hopeless cause.

But I honestly can’t buy into that – no matter how much I want to.

Because I know that I love moving, I love the way I feel when I get off my Air Climber or a treadmill or see the scale go down.

Now if I could just send the memo to my mouth!

But I’ll regroup. Get back to my mostly vegetarian ways. Stop hitting snooze when the alarm goes of at 6:10 a.m. Hit the gym after work.

Enough is enough already, self. I mean really.  


Scale, scale on the floor …

So not my actual scale, nor will said scale ever read such a number. I'm a whole lotta woman, you know!

… I love you this morning more than ever before.

Especially since it told me I was down eight pounds, to a weight I haven’t been since last April!

My weekend just got off to a lovely start – hope you have a good one!


Resolution check: February

Of February’s 29 days, I exercised 17, which is actually less than January (which bums me out, but hello shorter month!), but I’m stoked that I’m still 1. Exercising 2. Blogging about it 3. Eating better than I have in years 4. Still doing the no-meat thing 5. Keeping with My Fitness Pal and 6. That people are reading this and liking it.

Here’s to making the most out of March!