New beginnings

Today was a great day – the fella, girl child and I took to the local levee and did a fantastic – and brisk – four-mile walk along the Susquehanna.

The sun was out, the clouds like cotton candy and the breeze refreshing, both from the temp and the mindset I’ve been in the past few weeks.

It was a great part of a great day – and I hope you are have a fantastic Saturday, too!



Making a recipe for disaster

I’m waving the white flag.
I’m feeling defeated – beyond belief.

Things are not getting easier here in my world, and naturally, given my track record, diet and exercise were the first things to go.

I apologize for the “woe is me” – I don’t ever want to be one of those kind of whining-about-everything-all-the-time blogs – but I feel that I have a really great readership of Run, Nikki, Run, and I want to be honest.

I’ve always had a situation with food – “you live to eat, when you should eat to live,” says my mom, sounding like a broken record each and every time – I guess it’s more of an obsession. I think about it constantly and want to eat it constantly.

So I do.

Mix that with letting my exercise regime fall to the wayside, and that’s a recipe for disaster.

I’d like to insert one of my tried and true positive reinforcements I fall back on, but “Tomorrow is another day,” “I’m back on the wagon” or whatever else I can dream up to make myself feel better just isn’t cutting it right now.

I know what I have to do, but I just can’t seem to get myself there. I read all the great blogs that I follow and get so inspired and, I’ll admit, jealous because I don’t have that willpower – and when I get it, it’s a flash in the pan.

What the hell is my problem??


Treading my way

I went.
By 6:05 this morning, I was booking it on the treadmill (after a five-minute warm up, of course), and proceeded to do so for the next 35 minutes.

I was pretty exhausted, especially considering that I didn’t sleep much after I woke up around 1 a.m. from nightmare that I was possessed by a demon – and was growling/speaking in tongue at my father, who was played in said dream by none other than Stephen Collins from “Seventh Heaven.”
I still haven’t decided which was scarier: Actually being possessed or having him as my father. Either way, it was very unpleasant. 
(Though there is a certain something about Mr. Collins, but I’d rather not delve into that chestnut – ever.)  

But I digress.
It felt good being back on the treadmill – and, I cannot tell a lie, getting my workout over for the day.
Bring it, Wednesday (because I know you will)!

Hope you all have a great hump day – and workout whenever you choose to do it!


Back in the veggie groove

Well, after weeks of being none-vegetarian friendly and an absentee member of my Planet Fitness, I am back to taking care of myself.

I’m feeling better already after cleaning up my eating habits!

Truth be told, I think I’m only all holier than thou right now only – and I mean only – because I made the wise decision to, last night, leave the remnants of my 35th birthday cake at Mom’s so as not to be tempted to bury my face in the leftovers.

It was purple (my favorite color) buttercream icing (my favorite) and red velvet cake (which is so much my favorite flavor that I would probably kill a man for a bite of it),  so for safety reasons, the cake needed to be left behind for dead.

So, alas, here we are, weeks after I stopped eating well and going to the gym often, and I’m most certainly feeling the effects.
Sluggish, gross, bloated, you know, the usual suspects. 

So today, I did what a good girl should do: I went to my local Wegmans and stocked up on goodness: Cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, carrots, mixed greens, Tofurkey, hummus, strawberries, frozen blueberries, tomato pie and some rice noodles to go with a smoked tofu dish I have brewing in my head.

And I made dinner, for the first time in like two weeks.
Well, if you can count throwing some tomatoes and peppers atop bagged spinach and slicing the aforementioned tomato pie “making dinner” … it’s better than running out for fast food, yes?

And tomorrow, I’ll make a healthy lunch. And no runs to the vending machine. And I’ll return to the gym.
And maybe I’ll try not to curse out the air conditioner at the office that seemed to be on all winter but seemingly decided to take a summer vacation now that the temps are hitting 80 … but I make no promises. I’m not really a superhero, you know …


Resolution check: May

I know I’m a little slow on the uptake with this month’s check, and honestly, it’s because I really don’t have too much to talk about in regards to the bitch that was the month of May.

While there were a few mornings I was that uber-excited morning exerciser who went to the gym with the other early risers, I only exercised 14 of the months 31 days – a number I am ashamed to even type.

And please don’t make me talk about the eating habits that have gone downhill along with the lack of exercise.

All I can do, I guess, is dust myself off and make June better and July even better than that.
It sure couldn’t be any worse than May, right? 


Buckwheat say yummay!

I made, if I do say so myself, a spectacular dinner this evening. And it’s not like I actually cooked anything elaborate, per se, but never mind that.

I guess I’m an empress in the kitchen as well as a vixen!

After finishing the last of my spicy Thai peanut sauce for today’s lunch (and yesterday’s and Monday night’s dinner) that featured buckwheat noodles, you might suspect that I needed a big change for yet another buckwheat noodle-centric dinner so I decided to try a new House of Tsang sauce: Imperial Citrus stir-fry sauce.

First, I sautéed some Soy Boy smoked tofu (my favorite variety!) until it was nice and crispy, then I put the noodles, which I made Monday night, in the still-hot pan with some of that super-tasty sauce to get a little crisp on them before plating them, shaking on some sesame seeds and putting half the tofu on top. I drizzled a little more on, and c’est voila! Dinner, delicious! And vegetarian and vegan!

You seriously have to try this sauce! They say it’s fit for the emperor himself, you know!

What did you have for dinner tonight?