Buckwheat say yummay!

I made, if I do say so myself, a spectacular dinner this evening. And it’s not like I actually cooked anything elaborate, per se, but never mind that.

I guess I’m an empress in the kitchen as well as a vixen!

After finishing the last of my spicy Thai peanut sauce for today’s lunch (and yesterday’s and Monday night’s dinner) that featured buckwheat noodles, you might suspect that I needed a big change for yet another buckwheat noodle-centric dinner so I decided to try a new House of Tsang sauce: Imperial Citrus stir-fry sauce.

First, I sautéed some Soy Boy smoked tofu (my favorite variety!) until it was nice and crispy, then I put the noodles, which I made Monday night, in the still-hot pan with some of that super-tasty sauce to get a little crisp on them before plating them, shaking on some sesame seeds and putting half the tofu on top. I drizzled a little more on, and c’est voila! Dinner, delicious! And vegetarian and vegan!

You seriously have to try this sauce! They say it’s fit for the emperor himself, you know!

What did you have for dinner tonight?


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