Back in the veggie groove

Well, after weeks of being none-vegetarian friendly and an absentee member of my Planet Fitness, I am back to taking care of myself.

I’m feeling better already after cleaning up my eating habits!

Truth be told, I think I’m only all holier than thou right now only – and I mean only – because I made the wise decision to, last night, leave the remnants of my 35th birthday cake at Mom’s so as not to be tempted to bury my face in the leftovers.

It was purple (my favorite color) buttercream icing (my favorite) and red velvet cake (which is so much my favorite flavor that I would probably kill a man for a bite of it),  so for safety reasons, the cake needed to be left behind for dead.

So, alas, here we are, weeks after I stopped eating well and going to the gym often, and I’m most certainly feeling the effects.
Sluggish, gross, bloated, you know, the usual suspects. 

So today, I did what a good girl should do: I went to my local Wegmans and stocked up on goodness: Cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, carrots, mixed greens, Tofurkey, hummus, strawberries, frozen blueberries, tomato pie and some rice noodles to go with a smoked tofu dish I have brewing in my head.

And I made dinner, for the first time in like two weeks.
Well, if you can count throwing some tomatoes and peppers atop bagged spinach and slicing the aforementioned tomato pie “making dinner” … it’s better than running out for fast food, yes?

And tomorrow, I’ll make a healthy lunch. And no runs to the vending machine. And I’ll return to the gym.
And maybe I’ll try not to curse out the air conditioner at the office that seemed to be on all winter but seemingly decided to take a summer vacation now that the temps are hitting 80 … but I make no promises. I’m not really a superhero, you know …


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