Treading my way

I went.
By 6:05 this morning, I was booking it on the treadmill (after a five-minute warm up, of course), and proceeded to do so for the next 35 minutes.

I was pretty exhausted, especially considering that I didn’t sleep much after I woke up around 1 a.m. from nightmare that I was possessed by a demon – and was growling/speaking in tongue at my father, who was played in said dream by none other than Stephen Collins from “Seventh Heaven.”
I still haven’t decided which was scarier: Actually being possessed or having him as my father. Either way, it was very unpleasant. 
(Though there is a certain something about Mr. Collins, but I’d rather not delve into that chestnut – ever.)  

But I digress.
It felt good being back on the treadmill – and, I cannot tell a lie, getting my workout over for the day.
Bring it, Wednesday (because I know you will)!

Hope you all have a great hump day – and workout whenever you choose to do it!


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