Resolution check: June (or, There’s still hope for me)


Well, just like its predecessor, June was a bust on the resolution-keeping front – but much, much worse.

I exercised a paltry nine of the month’s 30 days.
Pathetic, I know. Boy, do I know.

BUT – even while I took a much-needed, long-overdue and uber-relaxing vacation last week, there was a whole lot of exercising done, including the very best kind: Frolicking in the Atlantic with the girl child for hours two days in a row and a horrid (but not really) walk up the killer hills of Rocky Point, Long Island.

The fella’s taken to walking those hills each night, and it’s inspired me to finally move my damn feet. As a result, we’ve walked several miles most nights this week – including last night’s four-mile stroll along the Susquehanna under some spectacular firework displays.
And these four- and five-mile jaunts are bringing me all the more closer to my goal of actually putting the “run” in Run, Nikki, Run!

And though we’re not off to an Independence Day party at a friend’s, we’re taking our sneakers with us for our nightly walk post festivities.

Happy 4th everyone – it feels good to have something positive to report, finally!


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