Dancing queen … not

Years ago, I took an online “What’s your theme song” quiz.

I’m a total Elaine – and damn proud of it.

Upon tallying my answers, the site determined that Abba’s “Dancing Queen” was my tune.

I thought it was fitting because 1. It is my favorite Abba song, and 2. When I think of myself at my most fabulous, I always think of myself at 17 – before college, before life really got real, before I cut my hair, before I began struggling with my weight – and because I was, naturally, just like the girl of the song who’s “young and sweet only 17.”

Since then, every time I hear it, it makes me happy, and I unabashedly sing along, and maybe sway a little bit wherever I am.
Yes, yes I am one of those singing-in-their-car rock stars.

In real life, however, I am the exact opposite of a dancing queen. I’m not even a dancing jester. Well, maybe upon seeing my moves, you’ll disagree with that last part, but I digress.

That point was driven home last night when I attended a new fitness class that blends dancing, tai chi, tae kwon do, aikido, yoga and more.

I’m never really one for group fitness classes (save for that boot camp that I loved so much last year), though I’ve always wanted to try Zumba, I am too self-conscious of my lack of rhythm.

Think I’m being too sensitive? I present exhibit A: I was asked to move to the back during a step class I frequented back in the late ’90s because I was throwing everyone off. Exhibit B: I was asked to leave the dance floor of a friend’s wedding during “The Electric Slide.” By the DJ. Exhibit C: The one kickboxing class I went to – where I was the only person there, mind you – the instructor couldn’t hide her laughing at how off I was. Exhibit D: I punched myself in my own face doing tae bo. By myself.
Yeah, that’s enough public mortification for one lifetime methinks.

But there was I was last night, and like I blogged Wednesday, I was excited to do something new and different to maybe get over this public-class fear. While I did enjoy myself and felt like I got a good workout, I just couldn’t make my body do what everyone else was, so I felt kind of lost. And just when I got something down, the move changed.

But then I did what I do best in class situations: I just moved in my own way that kind of looked like the others – even if I went left when they went right or back when they were front, thus almost crashing into pretty much everyone.
I just kept chanting, “Hey, least I’m moving.”

By the time we got to the part where we could just dance to our own idiom, my inner Elaine was all thumbs shouting, “Now this I can do!”

What’s your favorite fitness class, and why should I try it?


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