Hello, seitan

Vegan/vegetarian yum yums!

After a trip to Wegmans yesterday, where I bought the pirate’s ransom of vegetarian-friendly goodness you see at left, I decided to make myself housebound today (after a trip to the gym, natch) to give the homestead a good scrubbing and cook for what is going to be a busy week.

Up first on the food front was finally trying to make homemade seitan. I love the store-bought kind, but it can be pricey for the smallish package you get, so when I stumbled across a post from Vegan Monologue that made homemade sound pretty darn easy, I was sold.

After some modifications (I didn’t have marjoram, nor the garlic or onion powder, so I used oregano which the Interweb said was an OK sub for marjoram plus a dash of onion flakes and garlic salt), I set about making the seitan, which really was a lot easier than expected. And, despite being seriously OCD about my hands, I didn’t half mind kneading the dough.
Even though it did kind of resemble vomit in its early stages.

Homemade seitan, Part 1: The looks-like-vomit stage.

Next, I put the loaf in the already boiling water and set about cleaning for the next hour. I flipped the loaf at the halfway mark – and had to add more water because I didn’t take into account that my pot was wide and tall, so by the end, the water was 98 percent gone.
Knowing is half the battle, as that old G.I. Joe PSA used to say …

While the end result was slightly watery because I just didn’t drain it enough, I guess, it tastes just as good as the store-bought kind and was stupidly easy that I have no reason to not make it from here on out.
Thanks Vegan Monologue!

Can’t wait to make this into many tasty things this week!

I also grated a kohlrabi I bought at the local farmers’ market after testing it and loving its crisp refreshing-ness. Like the farmer who sold it to me (for a steal of $.70) suggested, I’m going to use the gratings to add a bit of crunch to this week’s lunch salads.

Is it sinful I’m feeling terribly proud of myself for my food exploration today? Granted, the seitan was simple, but it wasn’t so long ago that cooking was, to me, microwaving a Lean Cuisine.

Well, I’m fixin’ to make this super-productive Sunday a super lazy one from here on out. Hope you are happy doing what you’re doing!


P.S. – If you ever see So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk green tea frozen dessert, get it. It is fantabulous. 

6 thoughts on “Hello, seitan

  1. Seitan iss so easy to make yet so expensive to buy… I haven’t made any in ages, maybe I should try again. Sounds like we are having the same kind of day… I went for run this morning and have been cleaning since 🙂

  2. Yay! Thanks for the kind words, I’m so happy that I encouraged you! “Vomit-stage”…hahaha. Good call on the marjoram substitute. As it turns out, the marjoram flavor doesn’t stand out much at all, so subbing oregano or not using either would work fine, I think. Cheers, Nikki! 🙂 Happy seitan-making!

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