A perfect 10

Yesterday’s trip to the gym at 6 a.m. was my 10th day of exercise in a row, making today’s at-home Pilates/yoga/calisthenics mash-up day No. 11!
Is it weird/narcissistic I keep counting the entries in my Exercise Log Book 1. To make sure that I counted right and 2. Because I am pretty proud of myself? 

Plus, since starting this new regime last Monday, I’ve lost four pounds from this regular exercise and, of course, cutting out all the shitty foods I had been turning to.
Also: I’ve only eaten meat twice (and a very little amount at that) and kept the dairy to a minimum.

Both are a pretty big milestone for me – especially since my regular readers know how I’ve been pretty lax and down about myself the past two months. I added some interval jogging to my treadmill routine the past few visits, which is getting me closer to my goal of putting the run back into Run, Nikki, Run – at long last.

I feel pretty damn good – inside and out – and wore a fabulous new outfit yesterday that I felt really smashing in.

Here’s to the next 10 days and the 10 after that and the 10 after that …


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