Miso a Vixen in the Kitchen!

After buying mellow white miso paste a few weeks back, I came home from work tonight with the intent to make, you guessed it, miso soup.

I’d been craving miso soup like all get out lately, so before last night’s visit to my local grocer, I consulted Robin Robertson’s “Vegan Planet” cookbook that a former coworker had kindly sent my way when I started this wanting-to-go-veg journey. In it, right there on p. 76, was a recipe for miso soup with tofu and baby spinach I’d been meaning to make since the book entered my possession.

Armed with all my needed ingredients, I set out to make the soup, expecting some sort of catastrophe like the first time I made quinoa the other night (don’t you dare ask!), but just about 20 minutes later, dinner was served!

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And it was so. damn. good! And filling to boot! Plus, I got to use my fancy Chinese soup spoons!
Because I was craving them, too, I added part of a bundle of buckwheat noodles to my bowl before putting the soup in, but they really weren’t necessary.

There was so much to love about this recipe, how the mushrooms added such a hearty quality to the broth, that I was eating tofu but it wasn’t my old stir-fry standby, the wilted spinach which is always yummy and then there was that taste of the miso, mmm.
Its smell was very much like beer to me, by the way. Weird – or isn’t it?

I plan on having the soup for breakfast tomorrow and have enough leftover for lunch and dinner as well. It was so simple that it’s definitely going to become a standby in my fridge for just in case.

If you have “Vegan Planet,” what should I make next??


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