Resolution check: July

Well, I was determined to get back on track in July, and back on track I did get, exercising 23 of the month’s 31 days.

I went to the gym a bunch, did some pilates and yoga at home and walked an astounding (for me, mind you) 48.6 miles over the course of the month – including some monstrous hills in Long Island – in the hellish heat that has been rampant this summer here on the East Coast.
And those are only the miles that I kept track of! I had a big walk around New York, did countless miles on the treadmill and wandered the scene when the Vans Warped Tour came to town (my least favorite walking of it all, by the way). 

August is off to a great start with a fantastic 30 minute jaunt on the treadmill, a one-pound loss and my 25th day in a row logging into My Fitness Pal. My next goal is getting that retched scale down at least five more this month.

What’s your goal for August?


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