Chips, ahoy!

OK. I’ve been neglecting Run, Nikki, Run, this I know.

But as I’m halfway through Week Three of living and working in New York, I feel like I’ve got some sort of schedule down. And after enjoying foraging for food on lunch down in the FiDi and discovering fabulous new places to dine with the fella, I’ve neglected my eat-well plans.

Sometimes, you just have to not eat one. Or 100.

Until this week, when I made the conscious effort to ban what had quickly become a daily lunch staple: Chips. And, given that the fella and I are burger connoisseurs, I felt I needed to add fries to the banned item list.
What can I say, I’m taking a cue from my new mayor! He he. 

After just these past three days, I notice a big difference; I feel better, and my clothes feel looser.

I’m still getting killed by all the subway steps, especially getting out of the Fulton Street station, but they’re not as bad as they were just a few weeks ago.

New York really is my gym. I mean, every morning for work, I’m walking four blocks to the subway and about eight to work twice a day Monday-Friday, plus more when the fella and I meet near his office for our weekly date night. And on the weekends, now that we’re finally done traveling to Pennsylvania for the next few weeks, we’ll be walking a lot with the boy and girl childs, and I can’t wait. I absolutely love having to walk everywhere.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m fixing to make some miso soup before taking another walk. Midweek work holidays are the best!


Resolution check: August

OK, so August wasn’t the greatest exercise month, this I know as fact.

I stopped recording everything in my Exercise Log Book about 10 days into the month, and My Fitness Pal wasn’t too far behind on the back burner, but this isn’t going to be one of those, “I suck,” “I’ll get better” resolution round-up posts, no siree Bob!

You see, I might not have written everything down the past month, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t kicking my own ass. First there was the moving of all the important stuff from our second-floor (up very steep steps, mind you) apartment in NEPA to our charming (and very 1st floor) abode in South Harlem.

Up and down, up and down the fella and I walked, sometimes under the heavy weight of a couch, dressers, chairs and cabinets into said SoHa home and what was getting stored in the lower level of my parents’ homestead.

Then there’s the walking to and fro the subway to and fro work – and up (and up) the tons of stairs from the train to the streets – which I have to admit is grueling, especially in the temps of 80 and above we’ve been having in the city the past week.
But I cannot tell a lie: It beats getting stuck behind a moron NEPA driver – and driving myself!

In just a week, I’ve already seen a big difference in my face – and my gams. My newish jeans are already baggy on me, and let me tell you, that’s a darn good feeling, darn good indeed! My next order of business is getting myself better walking shoes to really feel the burn on the walking commute and lunchtime Financial District meanderings.

So I’m sorry I was out of touch, August 2012, but just because I was paperless doesn’t mean I was resting on my laurels. I’m seriously doing something exercise-y every day!

My goal for September now that we’re settled into our new home is to really get back into eating better, especially since the options to do so are so vast here in New York.


Who needs a gym now?


I’ve been MIA here on Run, Nikki, Run for a bit because I’ve recently moved to New York. Manhattan. The Big Apple.
Or, more specifically, to a charming exposed-brick apartment in South Harlem.

Both the fella and I have new jobs and a whole new life ahead of us in the city we’ve wanted to live in – together since we met and individually since, like, forever.

Aside from the excitement of all of this on its own, I am looking so forward to walking, everywhere, a lot.

Plus, right across from our building is a big park with tons of killer steps that I am going to try tackling at least three times a week once I get used to my new work schedule.

I’m hoping to be fitter by the end of the month with all the walking and exploring of my new home. Where are your favorite places to walk and get fit in the city?