Finally: A workout


I have never been so happy to see a door in my life!

Well, I got in one hell of a workout this morning – and it was technically work related.

Let me explain.

Since Hurricane Sandy, my office building at 80 Broad in the Financial District has been defunct due to excessive water damage.

We’ve been hunkered down at fantabulous offices at Rockefeller Center in the meantime, and a few of my coworkers have made runs to pick up stuff from our old offices.

I realized I left some things off my “please pick up list,” so when another run got in the works, I was in, especially since (knock wood) my foot is feeling better.

The run was today, and it totally kicked my ass hoofing it to the 17th floor of 80 Broad.

I’m not going to lie: I was huffing and puffing so much I thought my heart was going to give out – and my legs. Was I the same person who was running on the Planet Fitness treadmill just a few short months ago??

While the shaking in my legs took some time to subside, I felt pretty damn awesome the rest of the day.

Like I climbed a mountain.
Of stone and steel.


Wearing spurs

I’ve always fancied spurs, the cowboy kind.

There’s just something sexy about the sound of a cowboy’s spur …

And no, PETA or my animal-loving friends, I just liked the way they’d clank on the dusty wooden barroom floor or how they’d glint in the sunlight just before a duel on an equally dusty ghost-town street in the old westerns my dad always watched – not if they were used to hurt a horse.

I do not, however, fancy a spur in my foot, which is what I found out is causing the excruciating pain when I walk.

Luckily, the podiatrist I saw today not only talked to me like a human, but also took X-rays, gave me a shot of Cortisone with the biggest needle ever known to man (yes, I exaggerate, but it hurt!), prescribed an anti-inflammatory and gave me a list of exercises to do.
Two added bonuses? He, too, had a nice Italian last name and, too, was left-handed.

… These? Not so much.

Such a change from my doctor in Pennsylvania, who’d pass you around to the X-ray place and 17 other doctors – if you could get an appointment with him, that is.

I felt instant relief from the shot, though it was pretty rough going on the walk to and from the subway, but I’m sitting here on the bed typing with my foot propped up dramatically and feeling in better spirits than I have in weeks because at least I know what the problem is now, and that it’s (knock wood) fixable.

I go back next week for a check up, and hopefully, my life gets back on track now.
And by life, I mean exercise regime!
Fingers and toes crossed!


No pain, no gain?

Life in New York has been just as amazing as I had hoped it would be.
We love our apartment, are enjoying finding new places to go, and, up until recently, reveled in walking all over this big, old grid.

The past few weeks, not long after I signed up for that boxing class I was so looking forward to, something started happening with my right foot. It blew up, and I could barely put pressure on my heel without wincing.

This has been my go-to fashion accessory lately.

I had changed medications a week or so prior, and since swelling was one of the side effects, my old Pa. doctor suggested that I stop taking it. Luckily that seemed to help, and I was able to carry on as close to normal as I could be, even spending last Saturday meandering through the most of Central Park with the family, which was a truly magical day.

That felt fantastic, being out in the fresh air, walking, walking, walking. It actually made me a little homesick, especially because a lot of leaves were down from the hurricane and there was just that unmistakable “fall” smell.

Sadly, normalcy didn’t last for long.
The pain finally got so bad last week that I made an appointment with a foot doctor here in the city, which is thankfully in two day’s time.

I feel so awkward, limping all over (but take comfort that even with said limp, I still walk faster than slow poke tourists who stop without warning!), and feel a bit like an old lady with swollen feet, but I can’t say I’m not nervous about what might be the cause of all this pain.

I had such grand visions of getting my weight, finally, in check living here what with all the walking we’d be doing (out of necessity sans car and because that’s always our favorite part), but all that’s been sidelined thanks to this damn foot situation.

As a result, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy about myself – which is partly why I’ve been so quiet over here on Run, Nikki, Run.

If you’re still out there, readers of this blog, thank you. I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA, and hopefully, with this upcoming appointment, I’ll come back full swing.

I’ve got that boxing class to look forward to, after all!