Just a walk in the park

Sunday the fella and I dropped the Girl Child off at Penn Station for her train back to New Jersey, and it was early so I knew I wanted to stay outside as long as possible because 1. It was really beautiful out, even despite being a tad overcast, and 2. I wanted to log a good, long walk in My Fitness Pal.
Which, by the way, I’ve now logged onto 17 days in a row, thankyouverymuch! 

cp walk2

Here’s me on our walk through CP.

In case you’re scoffing, “Oh, big deal, you walked through a park,” I shall repeat myself:
We walked through all of Central Park.
That’s 843 acres.
2.5 miles long between 59th Street and 110th Street.
0.5 miles wide from Fifth Avenue to Central Park West.

By our calculations because of the bevy of looping and twisting paths within the park and the extra blocks once we exited it, we know we walked at least 73 total blocks – and a few more miles.

I have to say that during our walk, it didn’t really seem like a major undertaking, even walking up the many hills Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux were clearly so fond of.

Maybe it was because of how gorgeous it was that day, the fact that I spied a lot of pretty blooms popping up here and there, the charming company (of which I am biased about) and the fact that no matter how many times you walk through the park, you can always discover something new, be it some unexpected waterfalls right there smack dab in the middle of Manhattan (I know, right?!), a completely undeveloped path that reminds me of the woods I grew up in in Pennsylvania or an intriguing path that winds under a beautiful stone bridge.

I love walking through New York, it’s truly the best kind of exercise, and now that I’m being seriously mindful of the food I eat, and tracking it and the walks I take on lunch and after work on MFP, I know I’m on the right path, one that will have great results at last.




New header, new attitude

Ooooooh, hello!*

Notice anything different?

What do you think of the new header … and the new layout??

I’ve been meaning to change the header for quite some time, so today I decided to finally have a little photo shoot with the fella wearing my new Reeboks. There were three contenders for the top spot, but I thought an action shot of me walking up the steps in St. Nicholas Park was a great metaphor to my new frame of mind – because I’m taking the steps – steps, get it?? – to be a healthier me, through exercise, through eating, through having a new frame of mind.

Here are the other two that were in the running:

I hope you like the picture, and the new layout of Run, Nikki, Run. I really like the layout because it’s just so clean, like the eating I hope to continue making a focal point. As always, thanks for reading!


*Quote from my favorite skit “Oh, hello”/”Too Much Tuna” on my new favorite show, “Kroll Show.” 
I’m seriously obsessed and can’t stop quoting it.
I think I need help.
But I don’t want it. 




Mindful over matter

Here we are at the tail end of the first week of the rest of my life, if that makes any sense.
In my last post, I vowed to really get myself back on track, and for better or worse, I’ve done that.

I was mindful of what I ate all week, filled up on greens whenever I could, walked a lot, spending at least half of my lunch walking around the Financial District, took walks after work two nights and tracked myself on My Fitness Pal every single day, which I think makes a world of difference. You really can’t question or deny how important accountability is.

I started to see and feel a difference in myself around midweek, and the fella even commented that I seemed more energetic.
Example: I bounded – actually bounded I say – up the steps in the Fulton Street station and was just a little out of breath instead of the dying I was previously.
You should know that the exit I use has a lot of steps, two flight’s worth from the A or C line, and almost everyone I walk up with in the morning is panting by the time they reach the top. They’re brutal, I tell you.

I start my trampoline fitness class this week, and I’m really excited about it, so be sure to check out the tale from the first one later this week.


Getting the funk out

This will be the start of something beautiful.

This will be the start of something beautiful.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk with myself lately, hence why I’ve been so very quiet here on Run, Nikki Run, and, to be honest, on my other two blogs, too.

I’ll spare you (and myself) the gory details, but after a soul-searching talk with my Mom, who I visited this past weekend, and a whole bunch of great support from the fella, I am finally ready to do something about myself.

I will eat right, I will fully commit to exercise more than just my walking to and from work and up the subway steps, I made a long overdue return to My Fitness Pal, and I will stop making excuses because, dammit, I’ve been pretty freaking ridiculous.

Tonight I bought a purple yoga mat to start doing exercises at home again, and next week, I’m going to start taking my exercise class (for honest-to-goodness real this time) and booked my vegetarian cooking class for next month.

It’s been a long road of setbacks for me, but for the first time in a really long time, I feel positive about myself and the changes I plan to and need to make. Because, in the words of one of the fella’s favorite bands (which includes “one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived” as he likes to repeatedly say): “If you don’t like what you’re seeing, get the funk out.”
That band, of course, is Extreme.