Jump to it

Inside the JumpLife studio (photo from jump-life.com)

Inside the JumpLife studio (photo from jump-life.com)

Tuesday night, with a bit of trepidation, I walked into 404 Broadway in TriBeCa and up two flights of stairs to a room filled with trampolines.

It was my first fitness class at JumpLife, which I signed up for via a LivingSocial deal in January. Because of the old foot problem chestnut, I needed a workout that was low impact, yet I still wanted something that would kick my ass.

JumpLife did just that.
Actually, I guess you could say JumpLife bounced my ass.

There are two types of classes at JumpLife, Jump Dance and Jump Gym. My first class was Jump Gym, and we were encouraged by our friendly instructor to grab some dumbbells, but to choose lightly because we were in for a lot of reps. I grabbed a set of two-pounders, smiled shyly at a girl who looked as nervous as I felt (which probably means I looked just as nervous, too), and tentatively stepped on the large, octagon-shaped trampoline, gripping the attached handlebars to get my bearings.

The music started to blast, and we began jumping up and down, side to side, doing various arm moves at the same time. Being a non-coordinated person when I’m standing still, I won’t lie and say I didn’t have a problem keeping up with the class because I did, but I was able to follow along at my own pace, and the sweat still poured off me five minutes in, and isn’t that all that matters?
Never you mind that I was constantly going left when everyone else was going right, or had to hold on to the bars more often than not.

It was fun. Like really, really fun. And it was darker than most fitness classes I’ve been to, so there wasn’t that, “Oh, God, everyone is seeing my jiggle.” I’m sure they could still see it, but they, too, were too busy huffing and puffing – and bouncing, of course.

We soon dropped the weights, and did many series of leg kicks and side-to-side jumps. When my foot started to hurt, I’d slow myself down or just jump up and down, feeling like a kid again (but  thankfully not hitting the drop ceiling in our family room like I did jumping on our little trampoline when I was young), and feeling in my core that I was doing something good for myself and my body.

My favorite move was when we pretended to be on a spin bike, where we sort of ran in place like Jennifer Beals in “Flashdance” (remember that scene? “She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor …” OK, sorry). We moved all around the trampoline like that, and our instructor kept urging us to go faster, faster, faster, and it was so exhausting, yet so invigorating, and I loved every single second.

Before I knew it, we were told to lay on the trampoline to do our ab exercises, which were killer, and then we did some stretches laying down, and then stood up to do the last batch of stretches. I really couldn’t believe how fast the 45-minute class went by.

I was sore leaving the studio – and thirsty as hell, which is why I’m glad I listened and brought a huge bottle of water as instructed when I called to sign up. Going down and up the subway steps on the way home were slower than normal, and getting out of bed the next morning was … interesting … but it was also empowering because I felt amazing. And still do.

JumpLife was so much fun – and I can’t wait to go back on Sunday afternoon to try out the Jump Dance version.
And report back, of course!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to … ahem … bounce.