Sock it to me

Paid a visit to my foot doctor today because, unfortunately and despite cortisone shots, my spur is still causing me a lot of pain.

So much so that I had to skip my last class at JumpLife … very sad face. While the trampoline class was lower impact than, say, a kickboxing class, it still put too much pressure on my foot, so I’m sad to say that after my initial excitement about the class, my stupid foot made the next two classes not as great as the first.

It's the latest in designer footwear, you know!

It’s the latest in designer footwear, you know!

But I’m all about adapting and overcoming (and getting more miserable with myself as the days go by). I walk a lot, both to and from work, try to get a good 20-plus minute stroll in on lunch, and we’re usually always on the move on the weekends. Sometimes the foot cooperates, and I think that maybe, just maybe, the shots/medication finally decided to start really working … and then I find myself back to square one.

So today, I got my last shot in the foot (and it hurt more than ever), and the doctor gave me a new compression sock he started carrying, telling me patients in his Long Island office found it really helped them. I am to wear it for 24 hours, and then as much as I can.

I can tell that it’s helped with the swelling, which is a huge part of the pain, but looking at it, with my slut-red toenails peeking out from the top, just makes me sad. I miss the girl who alternated wearing flip-flops in every color of the rainbow with candy-color heels — all the time. I miss that girl so damn much.

And, yes, I do know it’s probably because of that very girl I’m wearing this sock today. But that doesn’t make it not suck.

And just as much as I miss my flips/heels, I miss exercising a real lot. I walk past the gym and stare wistfully in, see LivingSocial, et al, fitness-class deals and my wallet itches — but there’s nothing I can do. Nothing but wear this sock, start therapy in a few weeks per doctor’s orders and really, really try to eat better to lose weight that way because right now, that’s the only option.

Do you think I should change the name of this here blog to Limp, Nikki, Limp?
I guess that’s my pitiful attempt to make a funny … did it work? 🙂