Scaling down

Photo by Getty Images, surprisingly not a Nikki original ...

Photo by Getty Images, surprisingly not a Nikki original …

Well, the scale’s just a few days old, and already I loathe it.

I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know how bad, I didn’t know how far I now have to go.

But, it was a wakeup call that I know I desperately needed, and it seems daily inputs into My Fitness Pal and texts between me and my lifestyle-change cohort Tiffany about our progress (and/or setbacks) have become “the new normal,” and it’s all for the better. I see myself being super conscious about what I eat. “Do I really want to put this in MFP … and have a questioning text from Tiff?” I say when I find myself craving something naughty.

Right now, I’m still in baby-step mode, but I think I’m making the right choices. It’s been 10 days since we started, at least according to MFP, and I do feel more energetic and that I’m making the right food choices to fuel me for hours, plus, I can see a slight difference in my face, which is always the first place I see results.

Ahh, if only the belly was first, but all in due time, I s’pose.



A successful Week 1

I think this week was a huge success in my new diet, err, lifestyle change plan.

To start, I felt quite a bit better both bodywise and moodwise because I wasn’t eating as much processed crap. Sure, I ate some less-than-stellar non diet-friendly food (I’m talking to you, delish gourmet hot dog from Los Perros Locos), but I actually planned for them to be part of my day, so I ate a lighter breakfast and lunch to leave more than enough calories to have them without feeling (too too) guilty, and made sure to get in a number of good walks on lunch and after work with the fella.

Last night was the best, actually, and not just because it was finally the end of a highly stressful week.

The fella and I ordered in from our favorite Chinese place, and I filled up on edamame before digging into the meal we planned to share, so I didn’t pig out on the rice and pork, which was a great feeling. Then later on, we had a hankering for something sweet, so we walked from our apartment on 131st to Rita’s way down on 92nd.
What, you’ve never walked nearly 40 blocks for a craving?

Instead of getting a gelati, which is ice mixed with custard (and my usual order when we’d frequent Rita’s back home), I got passionfruit ice, which was sweet and yummy — and a great way to cool down from our power walk. We ate the ice sitting on a bench on the median on Broadway, and it was just a simple moment that was easily my favorite of the week. The breeze was cool and comfortable, I had my favorite person beside me, and we just people and dog watched for a while as we talked.

The next few days are going to be hectic, and I’m going to try to plan accordingly with my eating.
Today, I’m heading out to buy a scale — and step on it for the first time in almost a year.

I’m a nervous wreck because I know the number isn’t going to be something I’ll be proud of, but I know it’s a necessary evil at this point, especially as I’ve made such a conscious effort this week to really begin changing my habits. I’ll be a brave girl and step on, and I know when I step off, I’ll be that much more inspired to make myself the person I know I can be.


My pal and My Fitness Pal

fitnesspalOne of my dearest friends whom I’ll call … Tiffany … has long been the one I call or text when I’m feeling super down about myself. We talk other times as well, mind you, but we both know the other will listen unconditionally and help give us the push we need to get back on track when we’ve gotten off track.

Tiff’s always been there to offer up any tips she’s learned along the way or to wager a friendly challenge, such as the one we just started today. We’re going to keep track a food diary via My Fitness Pal, and I think we’re both going to try to give up (as much as possible) a beloved food we’ve often bonded over: Cheese.

Today I logged back into the app for the first time in God knows how long, saw a bunch of comments from my brother playfully yelling at me for being MIA, and vowed to make checking in on it a daily habit, like my obsession with my beloved Instagram, which just so happens to be right next to MFP on my phone.

I vow to be honest and smart about the food I eat, and to become that healthier version of myself I know I can be.
And when Tiffany and I meet at the end of next month at another dear friend’s baby shower, we’ll raise a toast to ourselves at how good we’ve been, how much better we feel, how we can always count on each other for support and how we’re just getting started.

Let’s do this!