That New Year smell

What is it about a new year that just inspires such hope and so many plans to do and be better?
I don’t know, but I’ll have what it’s having and fall suite to all that resolution making like I always do.

But instead of all those, let’s face it, empty promises I make to myself year in and year out, I’m going to make it pretty easy on myself this year, kind of like I did over on Ink for Blood, where I was very, very proud to report I kept a resolution for the first time ever and wrote something for myself every single day of 2013.

Here on Run, Nikki, Run, losing weight is always the numero uno, the modus operandi, the Grand Poohbah of Things to Do. You get it, I get it (oh, do I ever!), so I’m pretty sick of saying I need to shed pounds … and then crickets. I lose my willpower, I get sick, life hands me a lemon, etc. and so forth — life just happens, just as it does for everyone, even those annoying people who I always seem to see running as I’m out huffing and puffing wherever I walk. They make time for exercise, no matter what, so who the hell am I to not do the same?

So to myself in 2014, I vow to do (at least) 20 minutes of movement every day. That could be 20 minutes of walking, which obviously is pretty doable here in New York since we walk everywhere. It could be 20 minutes of ab exercises or one of the old standby circuits (crunches, pushups, squats + lunges) I used to do. Hell, it could even be 20 minutes of dancing around the house to my iPod (clearly only when the Girl Child and fella are at school and work to save myself some embarrassment). The point is to just move. I am not going to make any changes to myself or my health while I sit here feeling sorry for how bad I sometimes feel about myself.

These cute new Reeboks should make this resolution a snap!

These cute new Reeboks should make this resolution a snap!

And I’m not going to make any changes to myself without eating better, so for Christmas, I asked my mom to get us a NutriBullet. I had my first green smoothie off a truck a while back and have become kind of obsessed with them since, so I’m excited to start making them at home. A bunch of my friends on Facebook use similar gadgets to make them, so I look forward to drinking these super-healthy concoctions for breakfast and lunch several times a week and swapping some recipes and talking smoothies with them.

Can't wait to fill this up with green goodness!

Can’t wait to fill this up with green goodness!

That’s it. Just these two simple things. If I can’t do them, then I should just go pound sand or something, right?
Maybe don’t answer that.

But I think these two simple things can lead to big, big change. Lost pounds, a healthier and happier me — and us, to be honest, because you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be dragging the fella into this and know he’ll thank me later — a more comfortable airplane ride to Ireland for our family vacay in August and obviously more energy to lift all those pints of Guinness that are on the menu for that trip.

Let’s do this, 2014. I’m not getting any younger, but I sure as hell can start taking care of this body as a way to thank it for bringing me this far.

Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “That New Year smell

  1. Those shoes are amazing!!! Count down to motivational banter in T-9 weeks (give or take). I hope you’re ready! xoxo

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