My summer of inactivity

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It wasn’t supposed to be like this, but it just sorta happened, “it” being my summer of inactivity.

I know it’ll sound like a cop-out, and it probably most definitely is, but, man, I just could not handle the astronomical heat we had this summer in New York City.

I remember last summer being hot as F as well, but still the fella and I did go chasing pavement all the same, but this year? No way, Jose. That pavement seemed to be made of solid lava this summer, and I wanted nothing to do with it.

There were very few times I walked from Wall Street up Broadway to the fella’s office just below Houston, and that dedication to take lengthy walks all around Manhattan and Central Park of yore must’ve melted out in all our sweat just from walking to and fro the subway stations.

Then I started having some health issues, and soon after, the fella hurt his foot and was ordered to stay off it as much as possible, so off came his Fitbit. And thus we entered our Couch Potato Phase. There’ve even been days where I didn’t put my own Fitbit on, and I hate myself for that.

My Fitbit has been such a dear friend and motivator for more than a year now, and I just cast it aside like a jerk, like someone who fell off the wagon. I stopped checking my daily step count, stopped joining challenges and began eating even crappier than usual and, when I started to notice the not-for-the-better changes in my body, temperament and health, I stupidly wondered why I was feeling and looking this way.

Oh, it’s because of my summer of inactivity.
Oh, it’s because I’m weak and without willpower.
Oh, it’s because I hate — like really, really hate — being hot and sweaty.

But I can’t wait it out until fall’s cool, crisp air descends upon the city, which is maybe what I subconsciously was doing. No, I am not that kind of person, nor do I have that kind of body/metabolism to take even a few days off from doing some sort of physical activity. I have too damn far to go, and I know I don’t deserve a respite because I don’t take care of the body I have been given.

So this week, the Fitbit got charged for the first time in weeks and out the door I went. While I didn’t break 10,000 steps on the two big walks I took (nor have I broken 10k since July 16, shame on me), being out in my city again felt good. Sweaty and miserable, of course, but good; good to feel that hot, hot sun on my face and arms, good to breathe fresh air, good to get out of my head in a way that only walking allows me to be.

My body almost didn’t know what to do, so I had some aches and pains, but I pushed through them and felt proud of myself for finally deciding to stand up to my laziness and get moving.

Today, I took a deep breath and got back on the scale (that I almost wrote was a bitch, but it’s not her fault, its mine) to see just how far I’ve fallen off the wagon and was shocked — but happy! — to see I’ve “only” gained two pounds since I last weighed myself in April.

I’ve started picking up some more fresh fruits and veggies on my past few trips to the store and have been making a conscious effort to hit them up first when I feel a crave coming on. Plus, we have a coupon for Blue Apron meal-delivery service that we’re going to cash in next week that will give us a free week of meals, so I’m looking forward to the healthy and yummy-sounding options that’ll provide, which I’ll be sure to write about once we start.

Even after only two days of walking, which don’t even come close to the lengthy constitutionals I used to take on the reg, I see such a difference in my mood. So, yeah, you’re way past your sell-by date, summer of inactivity. Be gone with you!


11 thoughts on “My summer of inactivity

  1. Yes yes yes.

    I’m here to help in any way I can. I finally grasped the fitness bug and have ran every day (except rest days) at least 2 miles and most 5 miles. Every. Damn. Day since April 28. I feel amazing. I fit in all my pre preg V clothes and very nearly am at my pre preg livi clothes (and by that I mean they fit button and zip but are just a bit snug.

    I am not writing this to brag, I am writing this to say even after all of this—clocking almost 500 miles in 4 months I still only lost 12 lbs. but I don’t care. I don’t step on the scale anymore. I know I’m doing amazing because I run longer, run faster and most importantly I WANT TO RUN!!!

    Accountability is key. You can do this. You have 10 months to your goal. I don’t remember what it was specifically but my next 10 month goal is to wear a bikini on the beach and by God IM. GOING. TO. DO. IT.


    Typos courtesy of my iPhone


    • Thanks, Tiff, I am so proud of you! You’ve done amazing, and now I want to do something to make YOU proud of ME! (And thanks for always giving me support when I send you my low-point texts!)

  2. Glad to see you’re back! So, you don’t want to walk all over town in a heat index of 100F+? Sounds smart to me… My thoughts (if you want them): Focus instead on the Fall. If you are able to walk in the morning/evening, it should suck less. Speaking as someone who has fallen into the “if I can’t do it a certain preconceived way, I won’t do it” trap, can I just say, “Don’t let it get you!”? I’m working on that tendency myself, and really, even 10 steps a day extra are 10 steps you didn’t make. Do you have any clothes you love but can’t wear right now? Does that help? Sometimes it helped me, sometimes not. I’m struggling myself. But right now, I’m trying to keep it off so that I can fit into a Halloween costume I was never able to wear bc I’d gained too much weight. Sometimes, it’s the little things.

    • Thank you so much (as always!) for the kind words. I have a closet FULL of clothes that don’t fit, and it’s time I start looking at them as the challenges they are and get back to them stat.

      Can’t wait to see that Halloween costume, I know you can do it. Hell, WE BOTH can do it! 🙂

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