Walking with Gojira

Despite not moving my ass (or my legs, for that matter) this summer, I somehow walked enough to earn another one of Fitbit’s super-cute badges, and this one, the Japan badge, is, hands down, my favorite.

I mean, just LOOK at it:

japan badge

I love love love all things Godzilla, or Gojira as I like to say because that’s how the fantastic green monster is known in Japan. I wish this was a tangible badge because I would wear it proudly every dang day. And those of you who know me know that is totally true.

Anyhoo, I got this badge yesterday because I’ve now walked 1,869 total miles — equivalent to the full length of Japan — with my trusty ole Fitbit.

I’ve taken a few quick little walks and one big one since I wrote about my summer of inactivity, and we recently rearranged our living room and bedroom so I now have better space to use my Air Climber on those days when going out into the Sahara-like temperatures of Manhattan just aren’t going to happen, which seems like it might be just about every day as this heatwave just. will. not. let. up. Heard tell we might just go straight from sweltering to frozen this year, and I totally believe it.

I’d be OK with that, though — I love bundling up and walking on cold (and blessedly empty!) sidewalks, so the sooner that happens, the better if you ask me.


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