Taste-testing Freshly Fit

Freshly fit
Freshly recently launched FreshlyFit. (Freshly)

We’ve been using Freshly for about two months now, and still really enjoy the service. The meals are delicious, and since I work nights, it’s the perfect — and easiest — dinner “al desko” thanks to most meals heating up in less than four minutes in the microwave.

So when a rep from the company reached out asking if I wanted to taste-test its just-launched line of meals called FreshlyFit, I jumped at the chance — especially when I saw the menu, which was inspired by facets of paleo, plant-forward, clean and keto diets and features meals like oven-baked chicken Florentine, crave-no-more shepherd’s pie and protein-packed chicken parm.

“The main difference between Freshly and FreshlyFit is FreshlyFit’s focus on a carb-conscious/lower-carb lifestyle by swapping out higher-carb foods (like grains, potatoes, sugary ingredients) and instead focusing on high-protein, moderate fat
content, and high-fiber carbs (like vegetables),” Dr. Brooke Scheller, Freshly’s director of nutrition, told me via email. “This style of eating can not only help fuel activity and performance but also helps increase satiety, keeping you full for longer.”

I can definitely attest that it does. When we first started Freshly, I wrote that I’d still feel a little hungry after eating, which I chalked up to me being a chronic overeater. That wasn’t the case with the FreshlyFit meals — my hunger was definitely satisfied.
(Each meal, the company’s site says, averages 14 grams of net carbs, more than 30 grams of protein and have 550 or fewer calories, with most having zero added sugars.)

“I always suggest using Freshly meals to inspire what you eat or cook at home. There should always be a hearty serving of vegetables and a good source of protein at every meal,” Dr. Scheller added. “Swapping in even just one FreshlyFit meal per day in place of takeout, an indulgent lunch (or a skipped lunch!) or post-exercise fuel will help ensure that you’re upping your nutrient intake while also helping to improve satiety.”

As a moderately active but overweight person who’s been eating my fears for most of the pandemic, Freshly has been the healthiest thing I’ve eaten in months. And I’m really making a conscious effort to curb my snacking, especially at night, when my brain knows it’ll have less distractions to keep my always-present fears and anxiety at bay. That’s really been my downfall — and has been most of my life.

I’m glad we made the choice to join Freshly, and I’m even more excited thanks to its new line of meals.

So without further ado, let’s talk about how those FreshlyFit meals tasted.


Protein-packed chicken parm

Freshly chicken parm

As a nice Italian girl, I love chicken parm. It was one of my go-to restaurant meals for a very long time because what’s not to love about mozzarella-covered breaded chicken breast with sauce and a mountain of pasta — aside, of course, from the zillion calories?

FreshlyFit’s keto-friendly and restaurant-quality version clocks in at 380 calories with a whopping 42 grams of protein.

It features a sizable and juicy chicken breast coated in almond flour, oven-baked and covered with Freshly’s five-veggie marinara and creamy mozzarella. Instead of pasta, it’s accompanied by garlicky broccoli.

The sauce tastes very homemade, and the broccoli was tasty and not too garlicky. This parm is definitely one of my favorite Freshly meals because it’s that good — and because it reminds me of my former chef dad’s chicken parm … but a much (much) healthier version (sorry, Papa!).

Bison burger

freshly bison burger

Burgers are my favorite food — Exhibit A: my now-husband proposed to me over our favorite Minetta Tavern burger so they’re obviously a big deal round these parts. I’m also a big fan of bison burgers, and Freshly’s version was really good.

The bun wasn’t even missed thanks to the burger being smothered in a slightly peppery and chunky mushroom sauce and side of tender veggies.

Chicken Florentine

freshly chicken florentine

This keto-friendly cheesy meal smelled as delicious heating up as it was to eat. The baked chicken was tender and moist, and the spinach was creamy. The side of grilled eggplant, zucchini and red and yellow peppers were tasty, too. This is definitely in my Top 5 favorite meals for sure.

Sesame-ginger bliss bowl

freshly bliss bowl

One of biggest cravings I’ve been having lately is Chinese food, and this tasted super-authentic — and way way healthier than what we end up getting as takeout. It smelled and tasted fantastic, very zesty and zingy thanks to the ginger. I’ve long been a fan of “zoodles,” but using hearts of palm as a stand-in for noodles was next-level.

Baked turkey meatballs

freshly turkey meatballs

The eight-veggie ragu smelled and tasted super homemade, and the meatballs were incredible, with a great consistency and the perfect amount of spice. Unlike me, Tom’s not a big fan of veggies as noodles, but even he agreed the butternut spirals “were so so good.”

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