I’m happy to report that my first week of using Noom went pretty well. I daresay even very well.

I found the Noom app very easy to use — and addictive. I was a bit (OK: A LOT) obsessive about it. I have really taken to doing my daily lessons, logging meals and interacting with my coach. The app pretty much ruled my entire week, and I was so gung-ho that Noom actually stopped giving me new lessons a few days so I didn’t burn out.

But I feel I have to be consumed by it, especially now in my first weeks to instill better eating practices. Whatever I do is going to be drastic, at least for a while, because my (self-described) eating disorder literally runs my life, causing me to “storm” eat, and I must pull the Band-Aid off and STOP.

What I like best about Noom so far is how many foods are “green” and unlimited to have so I can feel full and not deprived, and how easy — and even fun — each day’s lessons are. They’re easy to comprehend and definitely striking a chord. And being the nerd I am, I adore quizzes, which is Noom’s favorite way to reiterate lessons and I’m so here for it.

So let’s take a look at my first week of using Noom:

Weight loss

As someone who spent my whole adult life hating whatever weight I was, I was blown away to see that I was down 7 pounds by the end of the week.

It feels absolutely incredible. I’m not even going to let myself be downed by the fact that I know a lot of it is water weight and my body is probably in complete shock that it’s not being fed around the clock. Weight loss is weight loss!

Slaying my january apple watch challenge

Some months, it’s easy to meet my monthly Apple Watch challenge, and then there are months I know I’ll fail the second I get my challenge on the 1st.

This month fell under the latter once I saw I have to get 1,490 Exercise minutes. These types of challenges are always hard for me as I’m just naturally lazy, even with my daily long walks with Prince.

But I always set out intending to meet the challenge, and this month was no different, even with the daunting suggestion to “try to earn at least 46 Exercise minutes a day.”

We’re just 10 days into January, and I’ve shaved that daily minimum down to 32 minutes, an easy target since I make sure to close my Exercise every single day with at least 30 minutes of exercise.

Apple Watch January challenge

I made a conscious effort to go faster on my walks with Prince and chase him around the dog park more. We even jogged the night before we got snow because it was freezing and the wind was insane, which always makes the boy want to go go go.

The next morning, I put on my snow boots and he and I had a blast tromping through all the new-fallen snow, which was quite the workout for both of us.

I know when I kill this challenge, an even more difficult one will come for February, and guess what, Apple Watch? I’m ready for ya!

Eating better …

I am definitely eating a lot better and am more mindful of what I’m consuming. And this was in the face of adversity, like my first day back at work after a very relaxing 10-day vacation over the holiday.

That first day was rough because we didn’t yet have a lot of “green” foods in the house as the fridge was still full of holiday fare. I was so hungry, hangry and overtired most of the day, and it took A LOT of effort to fend off an over-hungry binge which I am always susceptible to.

But I didn’t starve myself, nor did I mindlessly gorge as I am wont to do. I took a good look at what we had on hand and thoughtfully weighed my options before choosing a Daily Harvest bowl to have for lunch when I started my shift.

Since shitty, cold weather was forecasted for New York, Tom made big batches of his famous chicken soup and Guinness beef barley soup, two hearty favorites that were the perfect meals to have at the ready for my first week of using Noom.

Prince in the snow
My snow bunny Prince leading the way.

The best part was being able to have my regular Nikki-sized portions and brown rice with the chicken soup and a slice of whole wheat bread with the beef barley. I even got to finish the Guinness Tom didn’t need!

The rest of the week was a lot easier after I went to the store and stocked up on veggies, egg whites and turkey. I enjoyed my new healthy snacks and lunches, and felt a lot fuller than all the times I’d stuff my face with salty, not-so-good-for-me food that were my fallbacks. And I’m happy to report I still got to enjoy the dark chocolate Reese’s cups we’ve been obsessed with.

… but with some setbacks

Having said that, it wasn’t all “green” foods, magic weight loss and learning about my eating behaviors in a fun and lasting way.

By the time my workweek ended at 11 p.m. Saturday night (aka my busiest and most stressful day of the week), I was fried. I was super overtired and wanted only to sloth on the couch and eat All the Things, the badder for me the better.

While I let myself falter and eat less healthy than I had the rest of the week — and yes, have a mini binge — I’m fairly happy and fairly proud to relay that though the train was teetering this way and that, it did not go completely off the rails as it had so very many times before.

I stayed present (aka not in an eating “fog”) and when I said, “Enough,” it was enough. I had a big glass of water and wrote in my journal about what I was feeling and why: I didn’t have my pre-work nap, so I felt off-kilter and exhausted. It was Saturday night, which is always celebratory for Tom and I to have yummy comfort food and snacks, and I wanted them, all of them, but I didn’t want to undo all the good I did during the week even more.

Even with my Saturday slip-up, I’ll still give my first week on Noom a solid B+ and can’t wait to see what week two brings.

Thanks so much for reading!


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