The fitness studio is open

Making good on my pledge to take exercise up a notch during my second month on Noom, I finally took the plunge and signed up for Apple Fitness+.

I broke out the Gaiam yoga mat I bought nearly three years ago — and never even took out of the cellophane it arrived in — and set up shop in our office.

Apple Fitness+
My newly christened “fitness studio,” which also doubles as my office.

I started with three 10-minute beginners classes — pilates, strength and yoga — and they pushed me to my limit and beyond. By the time I finished all three, I was out of breath, sweaty, loose-limbed and feeling like a warrior. It was amazing. The exercises each had five moves and were tough but pretty doable for someone who hasn’t really done pilates or any yoga moves in years.

Pilates with Darryl was a great way to dive into Apple Fitness+. I was more familiar with the moves thanks to my years of doing Winsor pilates DVDs way back in the day. Plus, it was the perfect segue for all the muscles I ended up using in the next workout.

Strength with Gregg was the roughest for me thanks to the squats and pushups (even my pushup modification was brutal, but pushups of any kind are always brutal for me), but I definitely loved feeling the burn afterward.

Prince fitness studio
If something soft is on the floor, Prince will find — and claim — it.

I loved yoga for beginners with Jessica, especially seeing that I can still rock (and hold!) a tree pose on both sides, though I wasn’t able to get my foot as high up my thigh as I used to — yet. Challenge accepted, self!

I was really impressed with the Apple Fitness+ interface — as I was following along on my phone, the screen showed my Activity rings, the time remaining for each individual move, how much time has passed doing the workout, my heart rate and calories burned. Plus, as soon as I hit “start” on my phone, the workout also started automatically tracking on the Apple Watch.

I’m looking very forward to diving further into the app, taking some meditation classes and working my way up to the longer and more difficult workouts. It is so on!

vegan yums

My back-to-back vegan dinner dates were just incredible.

The Girl Child and I went to delicious Mexican joint Jajaja, where I excitedly ate my weight in my favorite nachos in NYC and half my standby gordita entree — which I usually finish! — and sent the other half home for the GC to enjoy the next day.

I felt stuffed to the brim and super bloated when I got home after dinner, probably thanks to that hefty portion of chips, a food I have been avoiding since starting Noom because they are my No. 1 trigger food and I know I cannot control myself around them.

When it came time to take Prince out on his night walk, I was still feeling gross and he was still mad at me for “abandoning” he and Tom for a few hours, so I started jogging with him as soon as we hit the pavement. When we got to our normal spot where we turn to come home, I was feeling so much better and Prince was having a blast because I don’t usually go that fast with him. So he happily followed when I kept us going all the way down to the southern end of Roosevelt Island, continuing to do our intervals of jogging and walking.

We were both spent by the time we got home, and the boy conked out for nearly 12 hours and so did I. When I got on the scale the next day, I had lost 2.2 pounds!

seitan au poivre from Blossom on University
Seitan au poivre from Blossom on University.

Later that day, my wifey and I hit Blossom on University, where I gobbled up all of my seitan au poivre and had one too many glasses of wine.

I didn’t beat myself up for overindulging, even when the scale slightly ticked up the following day, because it was such a wonderful night catch-up date in our beloved Village and any weight gain that followed wasn’t solely going to be because of any “good” or “bad” food or drink choices.

That I was able to rationally take that in stride and not get derailed further solidified that Noom is truly working for me, not only for my health and weight loss journey, but in retraining my brain and my relationship with it and my body.

Thanks for reading!


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