About Nikki

“Run, Nikki, Run” began in 2011, a year I was determined to “fall in love with running.”

In the seven years since, I’ve not met that goal a million times over, and this blog has seen itA fair share of changes — including a three-year blogging hiatus from late 2015 to Sept. 2018.

But now that I’ve hit 41 and had my health on the backburner for entirely too long, I’ve tail-between-my-legs returned to “Run, Nikki, Run” to hold myself accountable as I:

  • do the eight-week #C25K program
  • try, once and for all, to make healthy eating a top priority
  • finally shed my excess weight
  • overcome my addiction to food

While only time will tell if this time will be the time I finally make the necessary changes I need to, something feels different this time around — and I think it’s my head being in the right place.

I hope you’ll join me on this “run” — and share your own tips and suggestions. Thanks so much for reading!


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