Walking on air again

When my mom gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas, the plan was to use it to get Kindle books. But with receiving a bunch of book gifts, a winter that’s actually, well, been winter and the recent addition of HBO Go to our TV (which gives me unlimited access to “Sex and the City,” aka My Favorite Show to Watch Whilst Exercising), I knew there was something much better for me that that gift card could go toward.

So I  went ahead and ordered a new Air Climber.

Hello, old friend. I've missed you.

Hello, old friend. I’ve missed you.

It sure has been a long time since I’ve written about my beloved AC (two years, to be exact!), but now that we live in an apartment that actually has consistent heat (as opposed to our apartment back in Pennsylvania which was so frigid it caused the AC’s billows to crack) and room for me to step (which our first New York apartment decidedly did not have), it’s high time I got back on the red and black contraption that could always be counted on to give me good results.

So when it arrived last week, I couldn’t wait to hop on and actually get to wear my brand-new Reeboks, which I thought I’d have to wait until spring to break in. I was reminded very quickly how hardcore the AC is. Fifteen minutes in, I thought my legs were going to give out, which was surprising because you and I both know I walk a lot, but man, this just — ahem — steps up the cardio to a whole different level.

I lost four pounds since last week already, which pleases me greatly. So while it may take me a few weeks to get back to making it through a whole “SATC” episode like I used to on the AC, at least I’m taking a — cough, cough — step in the right direction.
OK, I’m done with the puns, promise. Well, in this post at least.


So not down with the sickness.

It started while I was watching the Super Bowl.

Not even The Captain could fight this cold out of me.

Scratchy throat.
Runny nose.

Four days later, I feel run down, my nose looks like it has a rash from blowing so much and the thought of exercising is even more exhausting than the actual act of working my demanding job through this whole shebang.

I don’t know what it is, but every single time I finally get on track, an illness comes along and throws a wrench onto the rails.

I managed to do 15 minutes on the Air Climber Monday, but it didn’t pan out good, my chest wheezed and hurt, I felt wobbly and afterward, instead of feeling invigorated as I always do, I just wanted to crawl back in bed.

I’ve been wary to do anything because my chest hurt so bad, and of course now I’m riddled with guilt because I feel like a failure for letting a stupid cold get the best of me.

Need support and suggestions please … and maybe a new box of tissues while we’re at it.  


Back in black (pants)

This morning, I did a happy dance.

Sure, I was glad that I did my obligatory 2o minutes on my trusty Air Climber, plus did some arm work and crunches.

Sure, I was glad to see that I lost a pound over the weekend, as we know weekends have been the downfall to my Good-Girl-During-The-Week dieting. But this past weekend, I stayed mindful of what I ate and was happy to see that pay off on the scale.

But no, my happy dance came at a time when things have been pretty miserable for me the past few months, that horrid part of the morning called Time To Find Something To Wear To Work. 

Usually, it’s a part of the day I just feel really, really bad about myself because I’m surrounded by all these clothes hanging in my closet that I can’t wear, but today, I thought I’d just give my formerly favorite black pants a try. Just to see how long before I’m back in them.

Well, I’m back in them. Maybe six or eight months too late, but I’m back!
In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I wore them, but they sure did feel good.

If that’s not stick-with-it inspiration, I don’t know what is.


A cake-through.

Cake is just about my favorite food on Earth.
I’ve never been able to refuse a good piece of cake, or even a half-good one, to be honest.

Is my love affair with cake over?

Well, that all changed this past weekend.
My landlord, as she oft does when she has some, delivered a sizeable share of her son’ s birthday cake on Saturday; it really must have been half a sheetcake.

It had a thick layer of buttercream (my favorite) and a few charming and enticing blue roses. As soon as I saw the cake, which I received following a particularly hardcore session on my Air Climber and a horrid circuit from Fit magazine (20 pushups, lunges, crunches, leg lifts and squats), my cakebuds began watering.

I accepted the cake – eagerly peeking at it, especially when I heard it was from a famed local bakery – and set it on the counter with nary a bite.

The next day, following a healthy breakfast, I took my cereal spoon to the cake, took a tiny bite and one of those blue roses and called it a day. I wrapped up the cake, taking special care to smush it against its tinfoil to make it less appetizing and walked away.

A lifestyle change? Perhaps. A love affair with cake, over? Maybe …


Meet my little fitness friend

Sometimes, it’s not enough that I truly love boot camp.
Especially considering that I love food even more than the class, so that sometimes – more often than not, really – cancels out the good I do with my fellow campers.

And – watch out for falling excuses – with summer being my busiest season at work, it’s been hard to make the three-times-a-week vow I made to myself all those weeks ago.  

But still I trudge, still I attend, still I make sure that I do my Air Climber as many mornings as I possibly can and go to boot camp when my schedule allows, which will hopefully be more often as concert season winds down.

So to help me keep myself in check, I enlisted in some help from a handy-dandy little app on my iPhone: My Fitness Pal.

Basically, MFP is a social-media site for dieters. I use it as a food diary, which tracks how many calories I eat, something that I’ve really never done and also to keep a record of my workouts to tally the calories I burn, etc.
I’m amazed at how many foods MFP has in its arsenal, I’ve yet to find something that didn’t register.  

As someone who’s always kept a journal and takes very easily to keeping a food diary, keeping MFP updated has become second nature. I love that it puts out status updates like
“nikkimm33 completed her food and exercise diary for 07/06/2011 and was under her calorie goal” or “nikkimm33 burned 1236 calories doing 80 minutes of cardio exercises.”

But I definitely didn’t like the one I got Monday:
“nikkimm33 has not logged in for 3 days.”

For a few months, I just saw my own updates, but some of my coworkers have recently joined MFP, so it’s nice to see updates from their fitness endeavors, and honestly, be challenged by them as well to keep doing my thing.

Do you use My Fitness Pal? I’m nikkimm33, as you might have gathered by now.  
Let’s be friends, and inspire each other to get to our fit, happy places!


This blog should be called ‘Sit, Nikki, Sit.’

I should really change the name of this blog to Sit, Nikki, Sit, dontcha think?

But despite being discouraged – and feeling pretty down about myself lately – I got back on the Air Climber this morning for the first time in probably two weeks.

I had to, especially after I stepped on the scale for the first time in as long, too.

Sure, I have a thousand excuses, and they are very convincing when I’m still laying in bed after choosing snooze over sneakers, but in reality, they all seem pretty flimsy.

No, they all are pretty flimsy excuses. Stupid even.

Like most women, I think about my body a lot, mostly in dislike, which I know is just as unhealthy as my eating habits. A lot of times, I sit there and lament, getting inspired to exercise at the oddest hours, like bedtime or when I’m at work and it’s not an option.

Yet as unhappy as I may be with myself, I plum haven’t done anything about it. And that’s what makes it even worse.

Hopefully today’s good stint on the AC will get me back on track. I’m going to try as hard as I can to not get waysided with snacky goodness watching my Steelers (hopefully) bring home ring No. 7 tonight during the Super Bowl – but if I am weak as I’ve been known to be, I guess I’ll just have to pick myself back up again and keep trying until something clicks for me – hopefully once and for all.


Day 2

Being outside on Day 2 got thwarted by an overnight snow squall, so I did 15 hard-core minutes on my Air Climber (read all about it here) and went about my day.

The Air Climber, something I don't use nearly enough anymore ...

I’ve had the AC for two years, and I bought it right around resolution time. I find that when I really stick to using it, it’s a great weight-loss tool as well as a good way to do cardio.

While I felt really good about myself on Day 1, Day 2 felt sluggish and uninspired. I really should have made myself do more than 15 minutes, especially since my walking route takes longer than that, but I tapped out nonetheless.

I felt a little discouraged, especially since I really want to lose this weight, but I made sure I ate OK that day and vowed to come back strong on Day 3 …