Why I switched from Fitbit to the Apple Watch

During my last stint of blogging here on “Run, Nikki, Run,” I frequently wrote about how much I loved my Fitbit.

In the two years I used the Fitbit Flex, I logged nearly 6.7 million steps and more than 3,000 miles on the device, from sauntering the streets of New York City to climbing the cliffs of Inishmore on Ireland’s Aran Islands.

When my Fitbit, as any other device these days do, fell prey to daily wear-and-tear and syncing and tracking issues, the fella suggested the Apple Watch. He had jumped ship to it a few months before after becoming frustrated with frequent issues with his own Fitbit and would not stop raving about the product.

Despite being a longtime iPhone user who loves the convenience of connectivity between Apple products, I was not easily sold. It had taken me quite some time to get used to wearing the Fitbit on my wrist, and as someone who has always hated wearing a watch, I didn’t think I would stick with it even if I spent all that money on the device. I figured I’d leave it abandoned in a drawer with all those previous attempts at getting fit.

Well, fast-forward almost two years to today, and I not only absolutely love my Apple Watch, I pretty much live my entire life by it.


Here’s what I love about my Apple Watch

  • The Activity app

The Apple Watch Activity app automatically tracks how much you move, exercise and stand daily. The red move ring tracks the active calories you’re burning, while the green exercise ring shows how much “brisk activity” you’ve done. The blue stand ring monitors the hours you’ve stood and moved for a least one minute, so you’re not just staying sloth-like on the couch binging your latest streaming addiction.

There is such a sense of accomplishment when I close all three rings or, on particularly active days, double my move and exercise, which has been happening even more frequently since I’ve been hitting the gym that past few weeks.

  • Friendly competition

The friendly — and the not-so-friendly — competition the fella and I had to outdo each other using our Fitbit has carried over to the Apple Watch. It’s super-easy to share your Activity with family and friends who have the device for motivation — and challenges. You can even send a message of encouragement or smack-talking, if you’re so inclined, right from the watch, so bring it, I say!

  • Breathing reminders

Throughout the day, the Apple Watch gives you periodic reminders, whose frequency you can change to suit your needs, to take a minute — just one single minute — to stop what you’re doing and focus on breathing. If you choose to accept the notification, the watch will pulsate as you inhale, exhale and find your center, which is so very important to do a few times a day in the humble opinion of this journalist living and writing in and about today’s … climate.

  • The littlest iPhone

Thanks to Apple’s connectivity, the watch is basically an extension of your iPhone as many of the its functions like texts, calls, emails, apps and more are accessible on the Apple Watch. That means you can stay in the group message loop, get score updates from your favorite team or not miss a single message from that special someone without looking at your phone in that meeting or other place pulling out your phone would be rude. After all, you’re just checking the time. Wink.