(Reblog) You Are Not A Before

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A Confederacy of Spinsters

lucky-ad-2Are you a woman over the age of twelve? You should definitely be on a diet. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or a size 20, there is always weight to lose or maintenance to be done. How will you ever find love and succeed in the world, if you don’t know your daily caloric intake? It’s not just about beauty, of course, it’s also about health. Everyone knows that health is a number on a scale. Today is the first step in a journey! You are a before now, but soon you will be an after!

We’ve all heard this message. As women, society expects us to be on a never-ending quest for perfection. If it’s not fat to vanquish, it’s wrinkles or cellulite. This message, this unyielding refrain of “Be prettier, already!”, makes me want to find the nearest dried up lake, fill it with full…

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New header, new attitude

Ooooooh, hello!*

Notice anything different?

What do you think of the new header … and the new layout??

I’ve been meaning to change the header for quite some time, so today I decided to finally have a little photo shoot with the fella wearing my new Reeboks. There were three contenders for the top spot, but I thought an action shot of me walking up the steps in St. Nicholas Park was a great metaphor to my new frame of mind – because I’m taking the steps – steps, get it?? – to be a healthier me, through exercise, through eating, through having a new frame of mind.

Here are the other two that were in the running:

I hope you like the picture, and the new layout of Run, Nikki, Run. I really like the layout because it’s just so clean, like the eating I hope to continue making a focal point. As always, thanks for reading!


*Quote from my favorite skit “Oh, hello”/”Too Much Tuna” on my new favorite show, “Kroll Show.” 
I’m seriously obsessed and can’t stop quoting it.
I think I need help.
But I don’t want it. 




In Pursuit of (Daily) Happiness. What’s on Your List?

Shira always has so many wonderful blogs, but this one, by far, is my favorite – especially as this time of year always makes me want to reflect on how thankful I am for all that I have, even when I sometimes feel like grumbling about life or how I feel about my body.

I used to be in the habit of doing what I called “Happy Lists,” which I got from my most-favorite blog, “Rockstar Diaries,” and they’ve really fallen to the wayside the past few years.

But they’ll be back, for sure, now that Shira reminded me there’s ALWAYS something to be happy about.


in pursuit of more

Cassis, France | IPOM

There are things that bring us all happiness in our lives.

It could be a quiet moment, or a few hours with a really good book. For some it could be a run in the woods, or a call from a good friend. For me, I can always use a good laugh, and luckily there is no lack of that in my life.

I was at the gym this week, doing my thing on the stair master & catching up on some (mindless but wonderful) magazine reading (this is one of my happy places). In this month’s issue of Canadian FASHION, there is a page dedicated to New Year’s Resolutions (after all, ’tis the season). On this page, a few celebrity clothing designers wax about their goals for the coming year.

There was one I read that particularly struck a chord with me (I love those moments).

“I want…

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Who needs a gym now?


I’ve been MIA here on Run, Nikki, Run for a bit because I’ve recently moved to New York. Manhattan. The Big Apple.
Or, more specifically, to a charming exposed-brick apartment in South Harlem.

Both the fella and I have new jobs and a whole new life ahead of us in the city we’ve wanted to live in – together since we met and individually since, like, forever.

Aside from the excitement of all of this on its own, I am looking so forward to walking, everywhere, a lot.

Plus, right across from our building is a big park with tons of killer steps that I am going to try tackling at least three times a week once I get used to my new work schedule.

I’m hoping to be fitter by the end of the month with all the walking and exploring of my new home. Where are your favorite places to walk and get fit in the city?


Running with the devil

I did it! We did it!

Yesterday, the fella and I had to take our walk during the day since we had plans with friends last night and knew that our nocturnal walking (our prefered time what with this summer’s record temps … and maybe because we’re vampires …) would most likely not end up happening.

We had been talking on the way to the levee where we like to get our walk on about how, since we’ve been doing this a while (both when we’re together and when we’re apart), that maybe it’s time to kick it up to the next level. So me, being the brave soul that I am who’s trying to continue her momentum and push herself to new heights, said I was ready to give running longer than a minute a try again, so the fella suggested that we walk .25, run .25 for the duration of our four-mile trek.
On a day that was 90 degrees, humid and sunny, by the way.

We started walking, and when we hit .25, we started jogging side by side. I loved that we were doing it together, our feet hitting the pavement with the same cadence, or so I think because after about 30 seconds, all I could hear was the pounding of what must have been my dying heart in my chest and my lungs gasping for what surely was their last breath.

I quit the first round before the halfway mark, croaking for the fella to continue on, that I’d catch up when he stopped. We did that cat-and-mouse game for most of the walk, and though I never did finish a full .25, I came thisclose – which is that much closer to my goal.

I guess I could say I had a good Satanday workout … get it? Get it?

Sure, I’m embarrassed as all get out that he had to see me wuss out like five times, but he was so very encouraging – and inspiring. I was jealous to see him, in the perfect form he’s had since his high-school track-star days striding ahead of me like a champion without stopping because it’s just second nature for him, but I’d catch my breath, and force myself to go on, to cross the next .25 marker jogging, not walking.

It was a great walk/run, and by the end of it all, I actually ended up running a total of one full mile, which I am so proud of.
The fella logged a 1.25 mile run and was never so far ahead of my walking that he had to wait very long for me to catch up. So I guess I’m not a total wuss, right?? 

After we got in the car and waited for the AC to wash over us like the showers we so desperately needed, I plugged my info into My Fitness Pal and found out that my interval excursion blasted exactly 666 calories.

I’ll raise a devil horn to that!


New beginnings

Today was a great day – the fella, girl child and I took to the local levee and did a fantastic – and brisk – four-mile walk along the Susquehanna.

The sun was out, the clouds like cotton candy and the breeze refreshing, both from the temp and the mindset I’ve been in the past few weeks.

It was a great part of a great day – and I hope you are have a fantastic Saturday, too!



Sunshine Awards!

Many thanks to veggiewhatnow for nominating this here blog of mine for a Sunshine Award. I’d discovered her blog recently and it’s on my “check back daily” lists – especially as I try, succeed and struggle with going vegetarian as much as I possibly can.
Be sure to click on the blue link above and check out her blog, mmmkay??

Sunshine Award Rules:

* Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
*Answer 10 questions about yourself
* Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers
* Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
* Share the love and link the person who nominated you

1. Favorite color? Black.
2. Favorite animal? Chupacabra (even though some say they don’t exist).
3. Favorite number? 33.
4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Mom’s homemade iced tea.
5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Though I’m pretty active on both, I’m obsessed with Instagram.
6. My passion? Writing.
7. Prefer getting or giving presents? Getting (sad but true).
8. Favorite pattern? Leopard.
9. Favorite day of the week? Saturday.
10. Favorite flower? Sunflower.

10 blogs I nominate (in no particular order):

1. The Rockstar Diaries – The very first blog I started to follow way back in 2009, and, quite possibly, just about the cutest, most loving family on the face of the earth.  

2. See Sondra Slim – Love this girl – she’s one of the most inspiring people I follow as she documents her post weight-loss surgery journey.

3. A Beautiful Mess – I would give anything to be as crafty (and fabulous) as sisters Elsie and Emma (and also to shop in their darling store, Red Velvet, which coincidentally is also my favorite flavor of cake).

4. Food Coma – The aforementioned Emma’s food-centric blog makes me drool. And she’s funny. Try not wishing she was your friend after taking a gander.

5. In Pursuit of More – Another inspiring blogger, with great quotes and even better recipes.

6. Crash Test Vegetarian – I love reading about people who are on similar paths to me (the trying to go veg path). This blog helps a lot.

7. Domestic Diva, M.D. – Not only is the diva going to med school, but when she shares anecdotes about her day, she also gives some really, really yummy-looking recipes.

8. Skunkboy Blog – I discovered the fabulous and crafty Katie when I started reading A Beautiful Mess, and she’s adorable (plus, I’m seriously considering trying out her gorgeous hair color).  

9. Andrew + Carissa – They take the most stunning photographs.

And last but most certainly not least:

10. Beyond Madison Avenue – Where my fella spills his guts about the good, the bad and the ugly he’s seen in his 20+ years in the world of advertising.

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks again, veggiewhatnow, and I hope you all enjoy discovering some of my favorite peeps out in the blogosphere.


I did a bad, bad thing

I haven’t exercised since Saturday.

And I’ve eaten terribly this past week. In fact, it was emotional eating of biblical proportions, and I feel so damn guilty about it, which I guess is a good thing, right?

It shows in my face, it certainly shows in my body, and it doubly certainly shows at night, as I haven’t been able to sleep because I feel so uncomfortable.  

But then I became inspired by Sondra, a blogger I follow here on WordPress. I’ve been inspired by her many times since I started following her a few months back, but this particular post made me adore – and support – the journey of this post-weight-loss surgery blogger all the more.

And I was so moved by this post of hers that I commented, something I’ve done on her blog before.  Her response to me was so selfless and again, inspiring, that I found tears running down my cheeks because I found comfort in her words – and the fact that I know I’m not the only one who has a love/hate relationship with food.  
Now I just need to find the perfect balance of being the foodie I am in the healthy body I need before it’s too late.

If you struggle with your weight (as I do and have for years), if you are dependant on food (as I am, being one of those who “live to eat, not eat to live”), if you want to be inspired to help (as I am after reading this), or if you just want to meet a great blogger, I encourage you to check See Sondra Slim out – but start with the above post, because as Sondra wrote:

“The fight against hunger is just as important as the fight against obesity.
As a matter of fact, sometimes, they go hand in hand.”


Light as a sweater

Not fitting into these could have potentially ruined my winter.

When I find a wardrobe piece that works, I buy it in as many colors as I can (or that the old plastic allows). And I’m a dresser of habit: Skirts and flip-flops in the summer, turtleneck sweaters, tights and boots in the winter and hoodies whenever.

Now that the temperatures here in the great northeast are actually dropping after a peculiarly warm past few months, I’ve been avoiding a certain section of my closet out of sheer fear.

The section where my favorite turtleneck sweaters reside.
Slightly form-fitting, these sweaters – in cobalt, tan, red, pink, white, gray and my trusty black – have been staples for a few years now, thin enough to wear in our sweat-box office, warm enough to wear to a hockey game with a vest and able to be dressed up or down.

I’ve been afraid to wear them, out of fear they wouldn’t fit. Out of fear that they wouldn’t fit and a good chunk of my wardrobe – once again – would be rendered useless.

But after having done so well lately, and despite not exercising since Thanksgiving break thanks to a debilitating cold and the pinched nerve that ensued from coughing thanks to said cold, I’ve really been mindful (mostly) of what I ate, to make up for the fact that I couldn’t move for so long.

Sunday, as the fella and I headed out to do something shopping, I looked up at my stack of favorite sweaters and thought, “Why the hell not?” “What’s the worst that could happen?”

That I’d trying something on and have it not fit?
Been there, done that. Wash, rinse, repeat about a million times.

I grabbed the tan sweater, pulled it over my head and marched to my full-length mirror and shockingly, didn’t hate what I saw.

Wardrobe catastrophe (and potential crying fit) avoided.
Happy Nikki abounded!
And is ready to start exercising again now that she’s feeling better.

Bring it, Old Man Winter!


Back in black (pants)

This morning, I did a happy dance.

Sure, I was glad that I did my obligatory 2o minutes on my trusty Air Climber, plus did some arm work and crunches.

Sure, I was glad to see that I lost a pound over the weekend, as we know weekends have been the downfall to my Good-Girl-During-The-Week dieting. But this past weekend, I stayed mindful of what I ate and was happy to see that pay off on the scale.

But no, my happy dance came at a time when things have been pretty miserable for me the past few months, that horrid part of the morning called Time To Find Something To Wear To Work. 

Usually, it’s a part of the day I just feel really, really bad about myself because I’m surrounded by all these clothes hanging in my closet that I can’t wear, but today, I thought I’d just give my formerly favorite black pants a try. Just to see how long before I’m back in them.

Well, I’m back in them. Maybe six or eight months too late, but I’m back!
In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I wore them, but they sure did feel good.

If that’s not stick-with-it inspiration, I don’t know what is.